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Upcoming Dissertation Proposals

Sam Levy, Marketing
Title TBA
Thursday, December 2, 2021
4:30pm EST
Tepper 4219 & via Zoom

Recent Proposals, Defenses and Dissertations


Sang Wu

Essays on Accounting Information Structure and Economic Incentives

Carl Brousseau

"Essays on Financial Reporting Quality"

Min Cao

"Stock Price Behavior Around External Financing"

Nam Ho

“Competition in the Market for Assurance Services”

Hyun Hwang

"Essays on Corporate Disclosure and Organizational Structure"

Eunhee Kim

"The Mechanism of Control in Organizations: Essays on Imperfect Measures of Managerial Talent"

Tae Wook Ryan Kim

"Essays on Earnings Management, Investment Efficiency, and Managerial Incentives"

Chen Li

"Essays on the Structural Models of Executive Compensation"

Wei Li

"Essays on Earning Management and Leading Indicator Variables"

Yi Liang

"Essays in Accounting Regulation and Earning Management"

Guoyu Lin

"Essays on Earnings Management and Corporate Governance"

Jong Chool Park

Mandatory & Voluntary Disclosure: The Stock Market Reaction to Mandatory Segment Reporting Changes & the Credibility of Voluntary Management Forecasts

Hong Qu

"How Do Market Price and Cheap Talk Affect Coordination?"

Lufei Ruan

"Essays on Accounting Conservatism, Managerial Incentives, and Investment Efficiency"

Amy Xue Sun

“Informativeness of Dividend Announcements and the Market’s Inefficient Response to Earnings”

Phong Truong

“External Factors Influencing Firm Information Environment: Essays on Financial Analysts, Auditors, and Industry Peers”

Aluna Wang

"Essays on Information Transmission Mechanisms"

Hao Xue

"Essays on Multiple Strategic Producers of Information"

Wenjie Xue

"Essays on Mandatory Disclosure and Enforcement"

Gaoqing Zhang

"An Economic Inquiry into Information Disclosure by Banking Institutions"

Ran Zhao

"A Firm's Information Disclosure and the Markets for Its Inputs and Outputs"

Yinqing Janet Zhao

"Essays on Information and the Bond Market"

Business Technologies

There have been no recent business technologies proposals.

Ashish Agarwal

"Essays on Economics of Technology Markets"

Bryon Balint

"Field Studies in Offshoring and Process Standardization"

Wai Fong Boh

“Learning, Knowledge-Sharing and Expertise Management in Project-Based Knowledge Work”

Bo Reum Choi

"Essays on Socialization in Online Groups"

Xuefei Deng

"Understanding ERP Requirements Analysis and Design: User Participation, Knowledge Transfer and Shared Mental Models”

Elina Hyeunjung Hwang

"Knowledge Sharing and Creation through Social Media in Organizations

Muhammad Zia Hydari

"Saving Patient Ryan—Can Advanced Electronic Medical Records Make Patient Care Safer?

Baojun Jiang

"Strategic Analyses of User Generated Contents and Platforms"

Byung Cho Kim

Essays on Software Market: Security, Liability, and Pricing

Seung Hyun Kim

"An Empirical Assessment of Knowledge Management Systems"

Tat Koon Koh

"Essays on Technology-Enabled Platforms"

Vineet Kumar

"Marketing Implications of Shared Information Goods"

Nishtha Langer

"Essays in Information Technology Management"

Yingda Lu

"Essays on Social Media Platforms"

Liye Ma

"Essays on Internet and Network Mediated Marketing Interactions"

Nikhil Malik

"Applications and Economic Impact of Machine Learning and Blockchain Technologies"

Shunyuan Zhang

"A Structural Analysis of Sharing Economy Leveraging Location and Image Analytics Using Deep Learning"


Timothy Hyde

"Essays on Beliefs about Catastrophic Risks"

Shuya Li

"Incentives and Market Design"

Majid Mahzoon

"Essays on Network Economics"

Andre Mouton

On the Structural Relationship Between Technology and Labor Markets

Xuege Zhang

"Essays in Spatial Economics and Macroeconomic Policy"


Jose Anchorena

Three Essays on Productivity Change, Growth and Development

Aaron Barkley

"Cost and Efficiency in Dynamic Government Outsourcing: Evidence from the Dredging Industry"

Majid Bazarbash

"Banking and Interest Rate Spreads in Macroeconomics"

William Bednar

"Essays on Bank Capital and Home Production"

Andres Bellofatto

"Essays on Macroeconomics and Public Finance"

Jeremy Bertomeu

Risk Management and the Design of Efficient Incentive Schemes

Dario Cestau

"Essays on the Provision and Funding of Public Goods"

Billie Davis

"Essays on Education Economics"

Cédric Ehouarne

"Cross-Sectional Phenomena and New Perspectives on Macro-Finance Puzzles"

Özgün Ekici

"Discrete Resource Allocation Problems: Market Design and Axiomatic Mechanism Design"

Chi (Faith) Feng

"Decentralized Collaboration of Open Source Software Development"

Lili Gao

"Applications of Machine Learning and Computational Linguistics in Financial Economics"

Dimitrios Giannias

"Differentiated Products Solutions to Equilibrium Models

Brett Gordon

"A Dynamic Structural Analysis of the PC Microprocessor Industry

Caroline Hopkins

"Essays on the Economics of Flood Risk"

Zümrüt İmamoğlu

"Understanding International Price Dispersion"

Jason Imbrogno

"Essays on the Economics of Education"

Ari Choi Kang

"Parental Choices and the Labor Market Outcome of Children"

Abha Kapoor

"Essays on Macroeconomics"

Eungsik Kim

"Three essays in the stochastic overlapping generations models"

Cigdem Gizem Körpeoğlu

"Essays on Microeconomic Theory and Its Applications"

Musab Kurnaz

"Essays on Public Finance and Auction Theory"

Jiayi Li

"Essays on Business Cycles, Unemployment, and Investment"

Richard Lowery

"Cooperation in Infinite Games: Applications to Finance and Public Economics"

Steven Lugauer

Essays on the Labor Force and Aggregate Fluctuations

Mauro Moretto

"Essays on Overlapping Generations Models and Social Security"

Megan O'Malley

"Three Essays on Medicare Quality Initiatives"

Fabrizio Orrego Peche

"Essays in Overlapping Generations Economies"

Hakki Ozdenoren

"Occupational Networks, Automation, and Social Insurance"

Sompop Pattanariyankool

"Essays on Power System Economics"

Ali O. Polat

"Essays on Market/Mechanism Design"

Nick Pretnar

"The Individual Anomalies and Aggregate Impacts of Households’ Consumption and Savings Decisions"

Kole Reddig

"Essays on the Economics of Health Care"

Minyoung Rho

"Implementation of the Deferred Acceptance Algorithm in School Choice Application" [dissertation available by request]

Maxime Roy

"On the Securitization of Student Loans and the Financial Crisis of 2007–2009"

Batchimeg Sambalaibat

"Essays in Financial Economics: CDS and Sovereign Bond Market Liquidity, CDS as Sovereign Debt Collateral, Currency Risk and Pricing Kernel Volatility"

Nandana Sengupta

"Machine Learning Techniques in Applied Econometrics"

Benjamin Tengelsen

"Essays on Credit Frictions, Market Expansion, and Strategic Team Production"

Erica VanSant

"Essays on Public Economics"

I-Ta Yang

"Essays on Strategic Behavior in Entry and Exit and the Impact on Local Economy"

Wenting Yu

"Economic Structures in Production Networks"

Jessie Jiaxu Wang

"The Effects of Contracting and Labor Search on Risks in Financial Markets"

Shutian Zeng

"Three Essays in Macroeconomics"

Financial Economics

Zahra Ebrahimi

"Essays in FinTech"

Diana Mikhail

"The Composition of Limited Partners in Private Equity Funds"

Rachel Szymanski

"Essays in Corporate Finance"

Santiago Tellez

"Essays on asset pricing in sovereign debt markets"

Jueheng Zhu

"Essays on high-frequency trading and speed bump"

Fernando Anjos

Networks, Complementarities, and Transaction Costs: Applications in Finance and Economic Development

A. Cevdet Aydemir

“Stock Volatility and Correlations in Dynamic General Equilibrium Models”

Steven David Baker

"Modeling Financial Markets with Heterogeneous Agents"

António Barbosa

"Incorporation of Information in Asset Prices: Dynamic Trading and Manipulation"

Emilio Bisetti

"Essays in Financial Economics"

Maria Chaderina

"Essays in Finance: Pre-borrowing: Co-existence of Cash and Debt; Predators, Prey and Volatility on Wall Street"

Camilo Botía Chaparro

"Disclosure Policies, Bank Runs, and Managerial Incentives"

Edwige Cheynel

"A Theory of Voluntary Disclosure and Cost of Capital"

Federico Gavazzoni

"Essays on Asset Pricing Puzzles"

Vincent Glode

"Essays on the Performance of Investment Funds"

Ozge Gokbayrak

"Financing Frictions and Firm Dynamics

Benjamin Holcblat

"A Classical Moment-Based Inference Framework with Bayesian Properties: Econometric Theory and Simulation Evidence from Asset Pricing"

Nam Jong Kim

"Essays on International Finance"

Yongjin Kim

"Essays on Corporate Investment"

Stephen Lenkey

"Essays on Closed-End Funds and Advance Disclosure of Trading"

Siyu (Eric) Lu

Essays on Bank Competition and Regulation

Vitaly Meursault (Merso)

Essays on Novel Methods in Empirical Finance

Artem Neklyudov

"Essays in Financial Economics: Securitizations Trading, Decentralized Interdealer Markets, and Strategic Information Acquisition with Overlaps"

Atanu (Rick) Paul

"Essays in Asset Pricing"

Jackson Pfeiffer

"Essays on the Liquidity of Financial Markets"

Carlos Ramírez

"Essays on Financial Intermediation and Economic Linkages"

Alexander Schiller

"Essays on Asset Pricing and the Macroeconomy with Limited Stock Market Participation"

David Schreindorfer

"Essays on Asset Pricing and Portfolio Choice with Time-Varying Uncertainty"

Tianyi (Robert) Yang

"Essays on Asset Management"


Serim Hwang

"Introduction of AI-Powered Virtual Influencers: How AI Disrupts Social Media Marketing and Human Labor Market"

Jinwoo Kim

"Quantity Perception and Hedonic Decline: How Increasing Sequence versus Decreasing Sequence Influences Consumption Experience"


Darron Billeter

Essays on Consumer Learning and New Product Adoption

Pak Yan (Patrick) Choi

"Essays on Channels and Product Line Design"

Kevin YC Chung

"Essays on Brand Alliance in Marketing"

Francisco Orlando Cisternas Vera

"Essays on the Impact of New Technologies on Firm-Consumer Relationships"

Tansev Geylani

“The Impact of Retailers’ Asymmetric Power on Channel Relations”

Tanuka Ghoshal

"Nonconscious Factors Influencing Attitude/Behavior/Judgment of Products and Sequences"

Colleen E. Giblin

"Ownership Polarization: Self-Reference as an Alternate Account of the Endowment Effect"

Julian Givi

"Social Norms in Gift Giving: A Comprehensive Theory for Giver-Recipient Discrepancies in Gift Selection"

Marcel Goic

"Essays on Multi-Product Pricing"

Young Eun Huh

"Essays on Consumption: Top-Down Motivational Processes in Food Consumption"

Yijin Kim

"Cross-Market Impact and Technology Adoption in the Sharing Economy"

Xiao Liu

“Marketing Solutions Enabled by Big Data Using Structural Models”

Sameer Mathur

"Product-Line Design in Emerging Markets"

Jian Ni

"A Dynamic Structural Analysis of the Health Care Service Market with Information Asymmetry"

Zijun (June) Shi

"Essays on Technology-driven Marketing"

Peter Stüttgen

"Taking the World As It Is: Three Essays in Marketing"

Yang Yang

"Sentimental Value and Its Influence on Hedonic Adaptation"

Meng Zhu

"Essays on Conservation and Waste in Consumption"

Operations Management

Musa Eren Celdir

"Essays on Contemporary Matching and Allocation Problems"

Neda Mirzaeian

Operational Analysis of Autonomous Vehicles

Yanhan (Savannah) Tang

Essays on emerging problems in operations management

Bo Yang

"Pathwise Optimization for Merchant Energy Production"

Alp Akcay

"Statistical Estimation Problems in Inventory Management"

Nihat Altintas

Incorporating Buyer Behavior to Drive Supply Chain Operations

Mehmet Aydemir

"Time Sensitive Operations"

Franco Berbeglia

"Strategies and Implications of Entertainment Media Consumption"

Ismail Civelek

"Essays on Operations Management"

Elvin Coban

"Deterministic and Stochastic Models for Practical Scheduling Problems"

Sherwin Doroudi

"Stochastic Analysis of Maintenance and Routing Policies in Queueing Systems"

Michele Dufalla

"Essays in Service Operations Management"

Paul Enders

"Applications of Stochastic and Queueing Models to Operational Decision Making"

Xin Fang

"Competition and Cooperation in Global Supply Chain Networks"

Canan Gunes

"Essays on Operations Management"

Ersin Körpeoğlu

"Innovation and Crowdsourcing Contests"

Emre Nadar

"New Markov Decision Process Formulations and Optimal Policy Structure for Assemble-to-Order and New Product Development Problems"

Leela Nageswaran

"Innovative Models in Service Operations"

Masha Shunko

"Global Supply Chain Planning: Impact of International Taxation and Transfer Pricing"

Siddharth Singh

"Regulation and Management of Innovative Technologies"

Vincent W. Slaugh

Essays in Service Operations Management

Ekut Sonmez

"Capacity Management with Technology Considerations"

Jiong Sun

"Managing Technology and Operations in Emerging Markets"

Mulan Xiaofeng Wang

"Risk Management and Supply Chain Management in the Natural Gas and Global Liquefied Natural Gas Industry"

Xin Wang

"Operational Decisions Under the Influence of Government Regulation"

Operations Research

Xinying (Violet) Chen

"Optimization Methods for Attaining and Understanding Fairness in AI"

Sagnik Das

"Resilient Supply Chain"

Ozgun Elci

"Essays on Scheduling, Fairness, and Portfolio Optimization Under Uncertainty"

Jingyi (Kyra) Gan

"Modern Methods in Healthcare"

Zeynep Melda Korkut

"Bandit Algorithms for Large-Scale Recommender Systems"

Yuyan Wang

"Foundations of Clustering: New Models and Algorithms"

Kent Hoj Andersen

“Split Disjunctions and Mixed Integer Linear Programs”

Gerdus Benade

"Equity and Efficiency in Computational Social Choice"

Atul Bhandari

Stochastic Optimization Problems in the Service Industry with Customer Considerations

Andre Augusto Cire

Decision Diagrams for Optimization

Nam Ho-Nguyen

"Models and Efficient Algorithms for Convex Optimization under Uncertainty"

Amin Hosseininasab

"Interpretable Learning and Pattern Mining: Scalable Algorithms and Data-Driven Applications"

Miroslav Karamanov

Branch and Cut: An Empirical Study

Ryo Kimura

"Modern Methodologies for Practical Discrete Optimization"

Selvaprabu Nadarajah

"Approximate Dynamic Programming for Commodity and Energy Merchant Operations"

Thiago Serra

"Essays on Postoptimality, Lift-and-Project, and Scheduling" [abstract]

Negar Soheili Azad

"Elementary Algorithms for Solving Convex Optimization Problems"

John Turner

"Ad Slotting and Pricing: New Media Planning Models for New Media"

Nan Xiong

"Empirical Study of Private Firms"

Hakan Yildiz

"Methodologies and Applications for Scheduling, Routing & Related Problems"

Organizational Behavior and Theory

Matthew Diabes

“The Relationship Between Individual Well-Being and Collaborative Processes and Performance: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations

Pranav Gupta

"Transactive Attentional Coordination (TAC): The Study of Emergence and Role of Attention in Collectively Intelligent Behavior"

Ki-Won Haan

"The Chemistry between Us: Investigating the Role of Individual Differences in Determining Communication Effectiveness and Collaboration in Teams"

Benjamin Ostrowski

"Essays on Creative Problem Formulation"

Jisoo Park

"Essays on Organizational Learning Processes and Outcomes in Healthcare"

Sae-Seul Park

"Essays on Human Capital and Organizational Performance"


Ishani Aggarwal

"Cognitive Style Diversity in Teams"

Julia Bear

"'Passing the Buck': Incongruence Between Gender Role and Topic Leads to Avoidance of Negotiation"

Gerard Beenen

"An Achievement Goal Framework for Understanding the Learning-Performance Tension in Short-term Jobs"

Daylian Cain

"The Dirt on Coming Clean: The Perverse Effects of Disclosing Conflicts of Interest"

Elizabeth Campbell

"Essays on Gender Differences in Sponsorship and Hiring Decisions"

Jin Wook Chang

"The Effects of Intergroup Status on Intragroup Processes"

Klarissa Chang

"A Psychological Contract Perspective on Social Embeddedness and Knowledge Exchange"

Benjamin C. Collier

"Leadership Development in Core-Periphery Organizations"

Erin Fahrenkopf

"Knowledge Transfer by Employees Across Firm Boundaries: a Micro Process with Consequential Macro Outcomes"

Kenneth Goh

"A Multi-Method Study of Iterative Processes in Creative Project Teams"

Jerry Guo

Organizational Routines and Adaptability”

Emily Haisley

"The Appeal of Lotteries and Their Use in Incentive Design"

Uriel Haran

"A Simple and Effective Way to Reduce Overprecision in Judgment"

Alessandro Iorio

“Essays on Individual Performance and Organizational Networks” [abstract]

Yeonjeong Kim

"Text-Based Unethical Behavior Forecasting: The Hidden Information Distribution and Evaluation (HIDE) Model"

Jonathan Kush

"The Influence of Communication Networks and Turnover on TMS and Team Performance"

Kimberly S. Ling

"Sadness at Work: The Impact of Sadness on Information Perception, Search, and Use"

Anna Mayo

"Dynamic Teams: Exploring the Enabling Conditions and Outcomes of Coordination"

Lily Morse

"Bad Deeds for Good Friends: Maintaining Independence and Objectivity in the Workplace"

Joseph Radzevick

"The Market for Overconfidence"

Sunita Sah

"Essays on Conflicts of Interest in Medicine"

Sam Swift

"Talking the Value Out of the Deal: Self-Perception and the Subjective Value of Negotiated Outcomes"

Gergana Todorova

"Resolving the Conflict-Creativity Tension in Functionally-Diverse Innovation Teams"

Nazli Turan

"Concession Frames in Distributive Negotiations"

Amanda Weirup

"Decisions about Workplace Favor Requests"

Courtney D. Williamson

"Community College Student Performance:The Effects of a Remedial Intervention, Demographic Factors, & Psychological Factors on Student Achievement & Retention"

Zachariah Sharek

"The Illusion of the Illusion of Control"

Evelyn Ying Zhang

"Intra-Organizational Mobility: Movers, Incumbents, and Communication Networks"

Joint Ph.D. Program: Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization

Su Jia

"Optimization In the Dark -- Exploration and Exploitation for Operations Problems"

Thomas Lavastida

"On Scalable Algorithms and Algorithms Augmented with Predictions"



Amitabh Basu

"Corner Polyhedra and Maximal Lattice-free Convex Sets: A Geometric Approach to Cutting Planes"

David Bergman

"New Techniques for Discrete Optimization"

Stylianos Despotakis

"Expertise, Attribution, and Ad-Blocking in the World of Online Marketing"

Latife Genc-Kaya

"Hybrid Approaches to Scheduling and Clustering"

Vineet Goyal

"Combinatorial Optimization Under Uncertainty"

Arash Haddadan

"New Bounds on Integrality Gaps by Constructing Convex Combinations"

Samid Hoda

"Essays on Equilibrium Computation, MDD-based Constraint Programming and Scheduling"

Yang Jiao

"Algorithms for Ranking and Routing Problems"

Jeremy Karp

"Models and Methods for Omni-channel Fulfillment"

Aleksandr Kazachkov

"Non-Recursive Cut Generation"

Dabeen Lee

"Cutting Planes and Integrality of Polyhedra: Structure and Complexity"

Qihang Lin

"Large-Scale Optimization for Machine Learning and Sequential Decision Making"

Marco Molinaro

"Understanding the Strength of General-Purpose Cutting Planes"

Viswanath Nagarajan

"Approximation Algorithms for Sequencing Problems"

Benjamin Peterson

"Transportation Scheduling Methods"

Andrea Qualizza

"Cutting Planes for Mixed Integer Programming"

Amin Sayedi

"Essays on Sponsored Search Advertising"

Mohit Singh

Iterative Methods in Combinatorial Optimization


"Theoretical and Computational Methods for Network Design and Routing"

Christian Tjandraatmadja

"Decision Diagram Relaxations for Integer Programming"

Sercan Yildiz

"Valid Inequalities for Mixed Integer Linear and Mixed Integer Conic Programs"

Joint Ph.D. Program: Behavioral Economics

Zachary Wojtowicz

"Essays on the Economics of Mental Resources"

Joachim Talloen

"The Effects of the Presentation of Asset Price Information on Investor Biases"

Joint Ph.D. Program: Economics and Public Policy

Ashlee Li

Essays on Immigration

Jeff Brinkman

"Essays on Urban Agglomeration"

Leah Clark

"Three Essays on Economic Access to Public K-12 Education"

John Gardner

"The Labor Economics of the Great Migration

Judy Geyer

"Essays in Housing Policy for Low-Income Households"

Jeff Lingwall

An Economic History of Compulsory Attendance and Child Labor Laws in the United States, 1810-1926

Luis Quintero

"Essays on Specification and Estimation of Models of Markets for Heterogeneous Housing"

Abby Turner

"Three Essays on the Economics of Education"

Melanie A. Zaber

"Three Essays in Household Economics"

Joint Ph.D. Program: Management of Manufacturing and Automation

Tinglong Dai

"Incentives in U.S. Healthcare Operations"

Guoming Lai

"Essays on Operations Management with Strategic Consumer Behavior, Real Earnings Management, and Capital Financing"

Ying Xu

"Impact of Information on Operations Management in Emerging Businesses

Ronghuo Zheng

"Essays on Corporate Governance, Managerial Incentives, and Crowdfunding"

Yangfang Helen Zhou

"Managing Wind-based Electricity Generation and Storage"