Carnegie Mellon University

Architecture & Sustainability

In the last decade, only one business school in the U.S. has been designed and built to occupy the very center of its university campus. That school is the Tepper School of Business.

The Tepper Quad is a new archetype for business education and ultimately business practice. Carnegie Mellon and the Tepper School are resetting the capabilities of business schools by introducing a new interconnected model of teaching, learning and innovation. Designed as an innovation hub, the 4.5 acre-site represents a $201 million investment in creating the business school of the future. The Tepper Quad spans 315,000 square feet and houses undergraduate and graduate programs alongside the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship. Moore Ruble and Yudell architects have sculpted a flexible hub that interacts as an interconnected B-school partner alongside engineering, design, computer science, policy and the arts. The Tepper Quad's powerful proximity rapidly creates and capitalizes upon innovative partnerships between the Tepper School and the other top-ranked Carnegie Mellon colleges.

21st Century Architecture

inside photo of the Tepper Quad

The Tepper Quad's modern design emphasizes open spaces, an abundance of windows and natural light and space for "planned spontaneity" that energizes innovation and interconnected partnerships across campus.

inside photo of the Tepper Quad

Advanced flexibility throughout the inside and exterior of the building, heralding multipurpose, multi-industry and multi-college collaboration and connections.

inside photo of Tepper Quad

Smart and emerging technologies that promote LEED Gold standards of responsibility and sustainability. Tepper Quad materials and construction methodologies prioritize responsible environmental impact and sustainability.

outside photo of Tepper Quad

The Tepper Quad will embody the entrepreneurial mindset that serves as a vital underpinning of the renowned Carnegie Mellon culture. Technology, creativity, discovery, curiosity and problem-solving will be showcased as vital touchpoints for students, faculty and the campus community.


Total square feet

92,405 ft2

North Wing

55,380 ft2


144,510 ft2

South Wing

Architect & Building Team

  • MEP, Structural and Sustainability Engineer
    Buro Happold
  • Civil Engineer
  • Acoustical and A/V Designer