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Custom Executive Education Programs

Innovative Solutions That Drive Results

We can help your organization lead and thrive in The Intelligent Future of Business. Our executive education team can offer unique, scalable solutions for fast-paced change management or dive deeper to create a fully custom and immersive experience to tackle your organization's unique needs.

We help your organization build new capabilities, solve tough problems, and hone leadership skills. Working collaboratively with you from program design to implementation, we unleash the Tepper School's collective intelligence to help you reach your goals.

Custom Program Experience

At the Tepper School, you will work with a dedicated project team to create solutions with our cross-disciplinary task force. You’ll uncover unique solutions, new resources, and first-hand insights — practices and applications that deliver real results in real time.

Whether your custom program is held in the future-minded Tepper School of Business on the Tepper Quad, at your facility, or in a virtual or hybrid format, we offer the flexibility you need to create the program delivery format that powers your success.

Our Process

From discovery through final review, our five-step approach guarantees positive business transformation with every solution we deliver. Here’s how our process works:

  1. Discovery: We identify your business context and developmental needs and pinpoint your desired results.
  2. Design: We define engagement elements, audiences, and methodologies.
  3. Develop: We collaborate with you, Tepper School administrators, faculty, and an ecosystem of Carnegie Mellon faculty and/or experts.
  4. Deliver: We prepare, plan, and execute a solution to maximize learning and application.
  5. Review: We assess the quality of the learning solutions and their impact on results. 

Contact Executive Education at Carnegie Mellon

Contact a program director at 412-268-2304 or to learn more.