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Custom Executive Education Programs

Bringing every resource to your unique challenge.

At Carnegie Mellon, we don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions, because your business isn’t facing an off-the-shelf challenge. Our mission is to ensure that you and your people are uniquely prepared to solve it. Carnegie Mellon Executive Education seamlessly and effectively delivers complex programs to address your business need. We work hand-in-hand to reach your goals — through program development during program sessions, application, and implementation to realize continuous improvement. 

Bottom Line? Approaching business problems with innovative, multidisciplinary solutions equals competitive advantage.

Custom Program Experience

Every Custom Program client receives a dedicated core project team, which includes a faculty director, program director, assistant director and operations/technology learning support. By interfacing with faculty across the university as well as with a network of inspiring resources, all clients obtain first-hand insights, practices and applications that deliver the most impactful learning solution for their organizations.

Our Process

Through DISCOVERY, we identify context, needs, and desired results. Then comes DESIGNing engagement elements, audiences, and methodologies as we start to DEVELOP strong collaboration among client, administrators, and faculty. Through preparation, planning, and careful execution, we DELIVER to maximize learning and application. Finally, through REVIEWing our work together, we assess the quality of the learning solutions and the impact on results, guaranteeing every solution delivers positive business transformation.

  1. Discovery: Identification of business context, developmental needs and desired results
  2. Design: Define engagement elements, audiences and methodologies
  3. Develop: Collaboration among client, administrators and faculty
  4. Deliver: Preparation, planning and execution that maximizes learning and application
  5. Review: Assessment of the quality of the learning solutions and impact on results

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