Carnegie Mellon University
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Career Outlook

Recruiters recognize that Tepper graduates are exceptionally prepared to make an impact in organizations and in the marketplace.

Carnegie Mellon's career services team works closely with students and employers on all aspects of the career process. While some students enter Carnegie Mellon knowing exactly what they want to do in life, most do not. Tepper encourages career development from the very beginning of the college experience and career services extend beyond graduation for alumni. 

Students also have access to a powerful network of resources that open doors to career opportunities around the world. Through Carnegie Mellon’s Career and Professional Development Center, students work with experienced professionals to explore potential job and internship options, prepare for career events, and develop strategies to reach their goals. 

Access to the Carnegie Mellon campus is another key contributor to student preparedness. Our culture of cross-collaboration promotes exploration and exposure to diverse fields. Students take classes across various colleges, alongside students in different disciplines — contributing to a broader mindset and skill sets.