Carnegie Mellon University

Inclusive Growth and Prosperity Initiative Faculty

laurence ales

Laurence Ales

Associate Professor of Economics, Director of Undergraduate Research

Research Interests

Laurence Ales’ interests include income tax policy, the effects of technological change on labor demand and wages, and inequality in healthcare consumption. Laurence also heads the Global Challenges Competition, which presents undergraduate students with a pressing social problem and challenges them to combine data and economic reasoning to arrive at a policy recommendation.

David Childers

David Childers

Assistant Professor of Economics

Research Interests

David Childers’ area of interest is the solution of complex macroeconomic models with realistic distributions of wages, wealth, or other individual characteristics. Solving such models accurately is a critical step in the quantitative analysis of economic policy.

Finn Kydland

Finn Kydland

The Richard P. Simmons Distinguished Professorship; University Professor of Economics, Nobel Laureate (2004)

Research Interests

Finn Kydland received the Nobel prize in 2004 in recognition of his seminal work on business cycles and policy inconsistency. This work has had a profound impact on modern economics. In recent years, Finn has studied the interacted effects of inflation and tax policy on economic growth.

alie shourideh

Ali Shourideh

Assistant Professor of Economics, Frank and Helen Risch Faculty Development Professor in Business

Research Interests

Ali Shourideh studies the design and performance of government tax and spending programs. Recent areas of work include public pension reform, taxation of capital income, and the relationship between trade and tax policies.

chris sleet

Chris Sleet

H.J. Heinz Professor of Economics

Research Interests

Chris Sleet is interested in the effect of technological change on income inequality and optimal tax policy, and conducts research on the challenges posed by informational and political constraints to the design of tax systems.

sevin yeltekin

Sevin Yeltekin

Professor of Economics

Research Interests

Sevin Yeltekin’s areas of interest include the design of tax and social insurance systems, government fiscal policy, the economics of poverty traps, and problems related to market innovation and competitiveness.

ariel zetlin jones

Ariel Zetlin-Jones

Associate Professor of Economics

Research Interests

Ariel Zetlin-Jones is interested in the effects of informational frictions on the structure and performance of financial markets, and their importance for the broader economy. Ariel also studies blockchain technology and its application to macroeconomics.