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MBA BaseCamp Orientation

Tepper MBA students kick off their academic experience with a unique, month-long orientation program called BaseCamp, where they will begin planning for academics at the Tepper School as well as their career planning, with a focus on the summer internship interviewing process.


The impressive scope of BaseCamp is marked by depth and breadth of knowledge. Unlike many B-school orientations, BaseCamp does not focus on campus directions, lockers, and meet-and-greets (although students do get plenty of exposure to their new home). Rather, our aim is to help students quickly acclimate, so that academic and career planning is accelerated. There are workshops and networking sessions with fellow classmates, faculty and alumni, along with several sessions that detail how the fundamental disciplines integrate in business environments.


We’re one of the smallest top B-schools, and one of the many advantages of our small size is that everybody will know you (and vice versa). From professors to classmates, you will be known as a key member of our community.

While we like numbers, we don’t think our students should be treated like one. There are no cohorts and no large auditoriums of hundreds of students. Alongside the networking, BaseCamp offers sessions on ethics, diversity, and working in teams, as well as off-site team-building activities.

Leadership and Communication

We believe leadership and communication are valuable assets for leveraging the rare ability to address complex, unprecedented business issues. Beginning with BaseCamp and continuing throughout each mini-semester, the Accelerate Leadership program hosted by the coaches and teamed with our Accelerate Leadership Center, will guide you. Their goal is to strengthen your leadership and communication skills through personalized leadership assessments, training workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, and by providing a framework for you to develop and execute a personalized leadership action plan.

Integrated View of Business

The Tepper MBA program is a popular choice for career switchers. We understand the desire and the components of career changes and ensure that broad knowledge is a component part of your career planning. BaseCamp features modules that explore the various functional arenas (operations, finance, entrepreneurship, strategy, marketing) and how they integrate within companies and organizations. These modules assist in career planning, with a broad understanding of the numerous options for internships, employment, companies, functions, and roles.