Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference

Semi-Annual Conference


Marvin Goodfriend (Carnegie Mellon University), Narayana Kocherlakota, (University of Rochester), and Stanley E. Zin (New York University).


The Carnegie-Rochester Conference on Public Policy was initiated in the early 1970s through the efforts of the Bradley Policy Research Center at the William E. Simon School of Business Administration at the University of Rochester and the Center for the Study of Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. Under the leadership of the late Allan Meltzer (Carnegie Mellon University) and the late Karl Brunner (University of Rochester) the conference developed into a semi-annual event held in April in Rochester and November in Pittsburgh.

The principal objectives of the conferences are (a) to stimulate policy relevance and empirical research in economic science, (b) to encourage interchange of scientific ideas among analysts with different approaches, and (c) to generate greater understanding by academic economists of practitioners' environments.

Each conference is organized around a particular theme or topic with papers prepared by leading scholars with expertise in the area. Participants are united by their interest in the issues discussed and by their belief that analysis, evidence and informed discussion have lasting effects on the public and its institutions.

Advisory Board

  • ANDREW ABEL, University of Pennsylvania
  • MARK AGUIAR, Princeton University
  • GEORGE ALESSANDRIA, University of Rochester
  • YAN BAI, University of Rochester
  • MARK BILS, University of Rochester
  • YONGSUNG CHANG, Seoul National University
  • HAROLD COLE, University of Pennsylvania
  • THOMAS COOLEY, New York University
  • MARVIN GOODFRIEND, Carnegie Mellon University
  • BURTON HOLLIFIELD, Carnegie Mellon University
  • NARAYANA KOCHERLAKOTA, University of Rochester
  • CHRISTOPHER SLEET, Carnegie Mellon University
  • LINDA TESAR, University of Michigan
  • GIANLUCA VIOLANTE, Princeton University
  • MICHAEL WAUGH, New York University
  • SEVIN YELTEKIN, Carnegie Mellon University
  • STANLEY E. ZIN, New York University

Forthcoming Conference: November 15-16, 2019
Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business