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Diverse Tepper Students

MBA Admissions Diversity Liaisons

These MBA students and inclusion organization fellows are leaders in our continuous effort to cultivate a diverse and inclusive community at the Tepper School.

Get to know some of our Tepper MBA students who are affiliated with various national MBA inclusion organizations.

Contact them to learn more about the support they received through these organizations; they are happy to share with you!

The Consortium: Elevating U.S. Underrepresented Minorities in Business Education

Alvin Huff, MBA '21

Internship: Kearney, Summer Associate, Chicago

Concentrations: Finance, Operations Management, and Strategy

What is your proudest achievement at Tepper?

As part of the Media and Entertainment Club junior board, we planned the club's trip to Los Angeles. This trip was an opportunity to meet with recruiters from major media companies such as Netflix, Riot Games, and Hulu. I'm proud of the company line-up we were able to secure, as well as the success of the trip overall.

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Kamari Purcell, MBA '21

Internship: New York Federal Reserve Bank, Supervision Group Intern, New York City

Concentrations: Finance, Strategy, Marketing

What is the greatest benefit of CGSM?

The greatest benefits are the bonds that are created at Orientation Program and getting the opportunity to work on recruiting before most of my peers. This gave me a significant advantage in landing my internship. It also smoothed the transition from undergrad to MBA because of the great friends I made early on.

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Mable Thelakkaden, MBA '21

Internship: CVS, Strategy Intern, Woonsocket, RI

What is your favorite Tepper memory? 

My favorite Tepper memory was during Basecamp, at Camp Guyasuta. The day consisted of outdoor activities for the entire incoming class, including zip-lining and small group games. Having the chance to interact with other students outside of a classroom setting helped us build solid connections with each other, and helped us realize what a tight-knit community we were becoming a part of. It is undoubtedly one of my most favorite memories of Tepper.

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Forté: Because Women Belong in Business


Nancy Geronian, MBA '22

Current job: IBM, Managing Consultant, North America Business Development Lead

What is your proudest achievement at Tepper?

My proudest achievement at Tepper is being selected to the board of Tepper Women in Business (TWIB) as a part-time student. My goal is to be as valuable as a board member and club member as possible while juggling my classes and a full-time job, which involves a good bit of travel!

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Khushboo Bhanushali, MBA '21

Internship: Altman Vilandrie & Co, Summer Associate, Boston

Why did you choose Tepper?

I chose Tepper because I was pleasantly surprised when an alum of Tepper and an existing student reached out to me. I was really impressed by how much students and alums felt invested in the school and were committed to its betterment. I also really wanted a school that had a significant emphasis on both classwork and recruiting.

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Becca Moura, MBA '21

Internship: Altman Vilandrie & Co, Summer Associate, Boston

What is your favorite Tepper memory? 

My favorite Tepper memory is Mini Three in general. It was insanely busy, but the way everyone came together to support each other embodied everything about why I love Tepper. It was also a great culmination of all of the work my classmates and I have put into recruiting, and seeing where everyone is going for the summer has been really fun.

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Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA): Empowering LGBTQ Students to Make an Impact in Business

Penny Barnes, MBA '21

Internship: General Mills, Associate Brand Management Intern, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Concentrations: Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Strategy

Why did you choose Tepper?

When I first started meeting students who are now second-years at Tepper, I was stunned by how much of myself I saw in them. Their goals, their ambitions, what they wanted to do after school, and the inclusive, diverse community that they had built drove me to ultimately choose Tepper.

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Corey Fowler, MBA '21

Internship: Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Summer Consultant, Pittsburgh

Concentrations: Strategy, Finance, Operations Management

Why did you choose Tepper?

I wanted a more close-knit community than my undergrad experience, which is why I was so inclined to the smaller class size at Tepper. Additionally, I increasingly saw technology emerging as the topic of conversation in many industrial companies' long-term strategies, which is why I wanted a school with expertise in technology and analytics.

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Military Veterans

Tepper Shield

Anne Henderson, MBA '20

Prior to Tepper: U.S. Army Officer (AG)

Involvement: Tepper Veterans Club, Marketing Club, Operations Club, Parents Club

Why did you choose Tepper?

I chose Tepper because of the close-knit community, as well as its quantitative and analytical approach to business.

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William Henderson, MBA '20

Prior to Tepper: U.S. Army Officer (Field Artillery)

Concentration: Operations Management

What is your proudest achievement at Tepper?

Earning an internship with the J&J Procurement LDP. Surviving the academic requirements with a spouse that is a full-time Tepper student and raising our daughter is definitely a close second.

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