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Economics is about human behavior: how people choose, bargain, trade, and produce; how they organize themselves into firms and markets for these purposes; and how such activity is impacted by government intervention. Building on these foundations, economists analyze how the decision-making of many individuals combines to drive innovation, growth, trade flows, business cycles, and stock market volatility.

Tepper economics faculty members have been at the forefront of advancing economic research and using this research to provide insight on policy and business. Nine economics faculty and students have won Nobel Prizes in the field. This tradition of excellence continues today.

Our distinguished faculty encompasses editors of leading economics research journals; advisers to the Federal Reserve and to other federal and foreign government institutions; four fellows of the Econometric Society; and Nobel Prize winner Finn Kydland among its members.

Current areas of active faculty research include:

  • The design of cryptocurrencies, online platforms, and other digital marketplaces
  • The origin and mitigation of financial crises
  • Network formation
  • Tax policy reform
  • Discrimination dynamics
  • Migration
  • Climate change

Academic Minds Research Spotlight

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Laurence Ales, Associate Professor of Economics

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Karam Kang, Tepper School Associate Professor of Economics

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Tepper Initiatives

Tepper Economics research is a key component of our interdisciplinary approach to understanding challenges and furthering advances in the areas of blockchain, health care, and sustainability. 

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Economics in the Classroom

Sustainability, Energy, and the Environment Course

Designing the Digital Economy Course