Carnegie Mellon University

MBA/Civil & Environmental Engineering

This program is designed for students with undergraduate degrees in engineering and offers the opportunity to develop technical and managerial skills in managing and leading civil and environmental engineering organizations, projects and systems, as well as business management. This program is offered by the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department (CEE) of the College of Engineering and the Tepper School.

Program Structure

The MBA/MSCEE is a 2.5-year (five semester) program beginning in August. Students must take a minimum of 162 units of MBA courses (90 units of required courses and 78 units of electives) and 84 units in Civil and Environmental Engineering (36 units of required CEE courses and 48 units of electives, 24 of which must be CEE courses). Please consult your advisor for a complete curriculum listing.

In the first year, the student will pay tuition for two semesters to Tepper School at the rate for full-time MBA students. In the second year, the student will pay tuition for two semesters to the CEE Department at the rate for this program's full-time graduate students. During the third year, the student will pay tuition for one semester at the rate for full-time MBA students to the Tepper School.


Each applicant must satisfy the admission requirements of the MBA program at the Tepper School and the MSCEE at Civil and Environmental Engineering, respectively.

The deadline for applicants is the same as the deadline for the regular master's program. Beginning in 2011, both programs will accept both the GMAT and/or the GRE, so a dual applicant need only take one of the tests to apply to the dual program.

For additional information about the MBA program and admissions, please contact Megan Grady in the Tepper Masters Admissions office, and for specific CEE questions, please contact Maxine Leffard, director of Graduate Programs for the CEE Department of the College of Engineering.