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Executive Education for Individuals

Explore programs addressing strategic leadership, advanced analytics, innovation, DE&I, and emerging technologies that immerse participants in the case studies, exercises, and tools to develop skills vital to success — today and in the future.

Leadership Open Enrollment Programs

Behavioral Economics and the Science of Decision-Making

Gain insight into how people think to influence the decisions they make.

Learn more about Behavioral Economics

Chief Digital Officer Certificate Program

Develop yourself as a digital leader who uses data to strategically lead.

LEARN how to become a digital leader

Communicating Complexity: Telling Stories with Data

Communicate complex and data-heavy information in a way that is clear and actionable.

Learn how to communicate complex stories

Directing Creative Chaos

Elevate your ability to build teams who collaborate, experiment, and iterate solutions.

Learn how to direct creative chaos


Emerging Leaders Program

For Black professionals with higher level aspirations of leadership.

Learn more about Emerging Leaders

Executive Leadership Academy

Preparing African American leaders for executive advancement.

Learn more about the Executive Academy

Executive Leadership Program

Understand what it takes to anticipate disruption and successfully lead without limits.

Learn more about the executive program

Executive Presence: Communicating with Impact

Elevate your executive presence and perform at the highest levels.

Learn how to communicate with impact

Leadership as a Daily Challenge

Understand what it takes to be an inspired and effective leader.

Learn more about daily leadership

Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Leverage your emotional intelligence to lead through challenging times.

Learn to lead with emotional intelligence

Leveraging Improv-Based Communication to Lead

Develop improv-based communication skills to lead with ingenuity, empathy, and resilience.


Social Innovation & Leading Change

Develop your own roadmap for creating real, lasting social change. 

Learn how to lead social change

Strategies for Advancing Women in Business

Craft your leadership brand while leveraging your unique strengths.

Learn how to advance women in business

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Open Enrollment Programs

Fostering Organizational Equity

Get the tools, knowledge, and perspective needed to operate as an effective agent of change within your institution.

Learn how to foster equity at work

Innovation Open Enrollment Programs

Corporate Innovation: The Portfolio Approach

Master the portfolio approach to innovation — the key to unlocking enterprise potential and putting new ideas into play.

Learn more about corporate innovation

Innovating Product Development

Adopt an innovative approach to product development beyond on-time/on-budget.


Leading Innovation: Create Dynamic Orgs

Gain a deeper understanding of the processes, methods, and tools of lean innovative thinking and overcome the challenges of creating an innovation culture.

Learn how to create dynamic organizations

Analytics Open Enrollment Programs

Analytics & Decision-Making

Master techniques for the collection, manipulation, and interpretation of data analytics to inform key business decisions and create impact.

Learn how to make data-informed decisions

CMU Sports Analytics Colloquia

Data-informed sports analysis with experts from ESPN, the NFL, and more.

Learn more about sports analytics

Technology Open Enrollment Programs


Learn a baseline of knowledge, new developments, and engage on the potential for business impact.

Learn more about blockchain

Cybersecurity Accountability and the Corporate Board

Learn a baseline of knowledge, new developments, and engage on the potential for business impact.

Learn more about cybersecurity accountability

Internet of Things

Translate emerging Internet of Things research into actionable business value.

Learn more about the Internet of Things

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