Carnegie Mellon University

MBA Marketing Concentration

Marketing is the process of creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers. A Marketing concentration provides MBA students with knowledge of how to support this process through pricing, promotions, distribution channels, and product design.

A strength of our program is the use of analytical methods from statistical modeling, data mining, machine learning, and operations to understand marketplaces and make marketing decisions. Our students’ ability to approach marketplace and consumer issues as part of a honed, analytical framework is rare — and valued — in today’s fast-paced technology industries.

Marketing courses include work in product marketing, market entry planning, marketing with social media, segmentation, communications management, sales forecasting, channel distribution, consumer behavior, customer-driven strategies and services, technology strategy, and marketing research.

Our graduates are highly sought after for positions at technology, consulting, healthcare/pharmaceutical, and consumer products companies. Most Tepper MBAs pursuing marketing careers work in marketing strategy, product management, product marketing, brand management, or marketing analytics roles or enter leadership development programs with a marketing focus.

Course Spotlight: Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

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