Carnegie Mellon University

Tepper School Strategic Plan 2023

Building the Business School of the Future

Over the years, the Tepper School has established itself as one of the leading business schools in the world, driven by its rigorous academic programs, its analytical, data-informed approach to problem-solving, the research impact of its faculty, the ambition and creativity of its students and the business successes of its alumni. The Tepper School prides itself on not just keeping pace with the changing needs of business, but anticipating and contributing to that change through innovative research and education.

Today, more than ever, the world of business is being transformed by technological innovation, the ubiquity of data, and the power of analytics, all areas of strength for Carnegie Mellon and the Tepper School. These same forces are turning the attention of the business community and policymakers toward problems that are outside the traditional boundaries of academic disciplines, requiring creative, interdisciplinary solutions.

With our campus-wide strengths and culture of collaboration, we are uniquely positioned to provide intellectual leadership and practical solutions to these emerging problems and to educate the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs who will be the agents of change and value creators for business and society.

We view this juncture as an important one to get right. The decisions we make, and the strategic direction we pursue, will affect the next decade and beyond. Our strategic plan for the future of the Tepper School is intended to motivate our community into action. We are not interested in incremental change, but in creating a new paradigm for business education and research that is conspicuous for its relevance to the needs of business and society.

Our Tepper 2023 strategic plan is intended to make the school’s development and evolution concrete — and achievable.