Carnegie Mellon University


Drawing on its deep expertise at the intersection of technology, analytics, and business, the Tepper School will apply Collaborative AI — an integrated simulation of complex human and system behavior — to transform business education and research. 

  • Using Collaborative AI, we will harness collaborative AI to reshape business education away from the traditional case study model and toward true-to-life simulation and personalized learning.
  • By integrating collaborative AI across the curriculum — with holistic projects spanning areas from accounting and finance to marketing and organizational behavior — our faculty will provide students with a strong foundation on which to build the tools of tomorrow and gain a competitive advantage.
  • We will help emerging and experienced leaders to understand how to recast the role of the manager in an AI age, by harnessing AI to amplify, not replace, human connections and ideas. 
  • Our researchers will dive into the most difficult, complex problems facing businesses today by leveraging Collaborative AI to generate and test new solutions and drive methodological advances across all business disciplines.
  • We will collaborate with world-class experts from across Carnegie Mellon University working alongside industry partners to grapple with the economic, societal, and ethical implications of generative AI.
  • We will cultivate new hubs of innovation, such as the Center for Intelligent Business to enable better decision-making, optimization, and innovation across all areas of business through applications of collaborative AI.