Carnegie Mellon University
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Immersive Leadership Offerings

The Accelerate Leadership Center also offers Leadership Development Certification, along with additional leadership workshops and programs.

Leadership Development Certification

The Accelerate Leadership Development Certification program provides MBA students with an opportunity to go beyond the required leadership curriculum. This program includes in-depth sessions with leadership coaches and provides a framework for each candidate to identify personal goals, create targeted action plans for development and give a formal presentation of their leadership journey.

Students who successfully complete the certification program are recognized each spring at graduation.

Program Components

  • The creation of actionable leadership development plans focused on strength and growth areas
  • Meetings with leadership coaches throughout the program
  • Participation in workshops
  • Presentations summarizing one’s leadership journey

Additional Targeted Workshops and Programs

The Accelerate Leadership Center offers small, topical, interactive workshops and programs that aid student development in key leadership and communication skills and strategies.