Carnegie Mellon University

MBA Organizational Behavior Concentration

As one of the pioneers of organizational studies, we believe that creating new knowledge is as important as disseminating it. In the 1960s, our contributions in the arena of behavior science grew to impressive prominence. Today, the history of organizational research at our school is one of the pathbreaking, highly influential, interdisciplinary milestones that fundamentally changed how scholars think about organizations.

The program’s strength lies within the areas of groups, negotiation and conflict management, social networks within and between organizations, and organizational learning and management. The Organizational Behavior concentration features faculty who are spearheading innovative classroom-to-boardroom research, particularly in the arenas of knowledge transfer and management, interpersonal negotiation — within and between team/group dynamics — organizational change, and productivity, as well as corporate leadership.

Within our trademark framework of analytical decision-making, this program introduces models and techniques that elicit meaningful insights regarding the universal challenges of organizational success.

Course Spotlight: Organizational Learning and Strategic Management

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