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Partner With the Tepper MS in Business Analytics Program

Through the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program, we build leaders equipped with the analytical skills, business knowledge, and creative problem-solving savvy to transform data into more insightful thinking and better decisions.

To do this, we partner with some of the world’s top companies to bring corporate expertise into the classroom to create immersive experiences based on real-world challenges. Companies like yours can benefit from a strategic partnership that will advance your organization’s goals and enhance the MSBA student experience.

MSBA Capstone Partnerships

Give us a real challenge and we’ll unleash human intelligence to solve it.

Capstones are immersive courses at the end of the program. Industry partners are integral to creating these dynamic learning experiences.

MSBA capstone sponsorship is a cost-effective way to explore new product innovations and expand your talent pool. We'll help you find the perfect student team to create the solution you need. You’ll gain innovative insights to propel your business and work with exceptional talent that you’ll want to hire afterward.

Over the 15-week duration of a project, a corporate sponsor can expect a group of 2-5 students to address the project with faculty supervision and mid-term and final presentations.

If you’re interested in capstone sponsorship, complete the form below or contact Corporate Partnership Lead Jen Cadman (412-268-7959)

Explore Some MSBA Capstone Projects

Hire a Tepper MSBA Graduate

Are you looking for employees who have mastered a full range of state-of-the-art business analytics techniques and know how to extract insights from data?

Tepper MSBA recent grads and alumni are whip-smart and ready to make an immediate impact on your business. They’ll deliver for you. 

Our STEM-designated program equips students with leading-edge knowledge, skills, and experiential training in methodology, software engineering, corporate communication, and business knowledge. 

Together we can identify high-value business talent that’s a perfect match for your company.

Connect with Tepper’s Masters Career Center to find out more.