Carnegie Mellon University

Tuition and Financial Aid

Admission to the Tepper School's doctoral program typically carries with it full remission of tuition (William Larimer Mellon fellowship) plus a stipend. The stipend is intended to help cover living expenses in Pittsburgh.

  • Single person health insurance for PhD students is covered at 100% by the University. 
  • The Tepper School pays the technology fee for Ph.D. students in the first five years of the program.
  • Students are responsible for the payment of the Student Activity and Port Authority fees each semester.
  • The tuition remission continues as long as the student is in good standing in the program.
  • The stipend is guaranteed for the first five years of study.
  • To receive the stipend and health insurance, the student must be in good standing, in residence, and not have employment outside of the university.
  • Stipends are paid out over a twelve-month period.

Ph.D. Cost of Attendance Details

In addition to tuition remission and stipend, our Ph.D. students also receive an IBM Thinkpad notebook computer free of charge in support of their computing needs while they are in residence. The exact specifications of the machine to be provided change from year to year as the technology evolves, so applicants interested in specific information about computer support should also contact the Doctoral Program Office.

Eligible applicants who don't receive a Mellon fellowship and stipend may automatically be considered for an International Fellowship.