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At the Tepper School, we lead with data. With the launch of Building the Intelligent Future, it is crucial to monitor and track the progress in implementing our initiatives using key metrics. These metrics will be defined dynamically as this strategic plan is a living document. They will allow us to monitor our strategic advancement, hold us accountable to our goals, and maintain a culture of continuous improvement within the school.

We commit to communicating our progress to our stakeholders on an annual basis.


Accelerated technological advancement, greater emphasis on ethics and social responsibility, and an intensified demand for innovation characterize a few dynamic elements of our current business landscape.

Now is the time to plan for the future to respond to these pivotal shifts. The Tepper School must adapt and use our strategic plan to lead the charge for an evolved business education.


The Tepper School brings world-class faculty, researchers, students, and staff together in a physical and virtual hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. We are part of an academic ecosystem at Carnegie Mellon University that is at the forefront of technological developments, in particular, artificial intelligence.

With its legacy as the birthplace of management science that uses analytics to power decision making, the Tepper School is well-versed in applying data and analytics to improve human judgment — a skill more critical than ever with technological innovations rapidly advancing all aspects of modern life.


Our strategic plan identifies three broad themes with associated signature initiatives to build on in the coming years. Within our strategic framework, we welcome creative thinking about additional signature initiatives that achieve our vision and align with our themes.

  • AI for Business: Pioneering the exploration of the next generation of business applications of AI through research and education to drive ethical, value-creating business decision-making.

  • Economic Prosperity: Advancing economic growth for our local, national, and global communities through research, teaching, and partnerships.

  • Entrepreneurial Pursuit: Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation through curriculum, teaching, research, and faculty and staff development.

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