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Data-minded. Results-driven. Creative problem-solvers. Our MSBA students are passionate about using data to inspire better business solutions.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Some have mathematical and physical science degrees, while others join us from business, economics, engineering, and other disciplines. Get to know more about us, and connect with a student ambassador to learn more.


Undergraduate Majors Most Represented

Business |  Economics |  Engineering  |  Mathematics/Physical Science

2023-2024 MSBA Student Ambassadors

Our student ambassadors are passionate about using their experiences to guide prospective Tepper MSBA students and would love to answer your questions about curriculum, career paths, life in Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, and more.

Our volunteer student ambassadors welcome your inquiries, but may take a few days to respond.


Part Time MSBA Ambassadors

Andrew Agiato

Home Country: United States
Undergraduate University: William Peace University
Undergraduate Major: Business Analytics
Years of Professional Experience: 7

"I'm a data professional with six years of experience in insurance, telecom, and tech industries. I hold an MBA from the University of Florida. Outside of work, I'm an adventure enthusiast who enjoys biking, hiking, paragliding, snowboarding, and more."


Amina Shahzad

Home Country: Canada
Undergraduate University: University of Central Punjab
Undergraduate Major: Commerce
Additional Education: MBA, major in Information Systems
Years of Professional Experience: 25+

"After a 24-year hiatus from formal academia and balancing the roles of a mother of three and technology professional has made me committed to offering support to prospective students who are re-entering the educational sphere, balancing multiple responsibilities, or seeking a spark of inspiration in a tech career."

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April Zhao

Home Country: China
Undergraduate University: MInjiang University
Undergraduate Major: Tourism Management
Years of Professional Experience: 6

"My backgrond is in tourism management, marketing, and I have experience with Airbnb and Deloitte. I'm eager to bridge the gap between technology and business with my MSBA, gaining a broader perspective on the role of technology in scaling businesses."

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Kennedy Corely

Home Country: United States
Undergraduate University: University of South Carolina
Undergraduate Major: Operations and Supply Chain Management
Years of Professional Experience: 4

"I am Operations Manager at Target and my hobbies include tending to my plants, traveling, reading, and catching up on my favorite shows. I want prospective MSBA students to know they are walking into an inclusive environment that supports their academic and professional goals."

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Nikhil Dittakavi

Home Country: United States
Undergraduate University: Indiana University
Undergraduate Major: Finance
Years of Professional Experience: 5

"I am a Senior Financial Analyst at Ulta Beauty and I love to travel to new countries and have a goal of visiting all 50 states. I would like to help prospective students feel welcomed and understand the value. the MSBA program."


Full Time MSBA Ambassadors

Undergraduate Business Majors


Heetansh Thakker

Home Country:
Undergraduate University:
 NMIMS University
Undergraduate Major: Business Administration, Finance
Years of Professional Experience: 2

"Having a prior background in Business and Finance will enable me to share my unique experience and help applicants who are coming from similar streams or are looking to get into the industry." 

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Jenni Pitts

Home Country: United States
Undergraduate University: Ithaca College
Undergraduate Major: Business Administration
Years of Professional Experience: 0

"I have had internships with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Duke University Athletics. I have a passion for utilizing data to make sound business decisions and for working in teams with my peers."

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Undergraduate Math/ Physical Science Majors

SaiAniket Bhamidipati

Home Country:
United States
Undergraduate University: 
University of Texas at Dallas
Undergraduate Major: 
Molecular Biology
Years of Professional Experience:

"I was born in India, grew up in Jamaica, and spent more of my academic age throughout the United States. Some of my hobbies are international relations, exploring the extreme outdoors, tennis/squash, sustainability, and science!" 


Joe Zhou

Home Country: China
Undergraduate University: University of California, San Diego
Undergraduate Major: Probability and Statistics
Years of Professional Experience: 3.5

"Outside of my academic and professional pursuits, I have a passion for exploring new horizons through road trips and international travel. These experiences have allowed me to immerse myself in diverse cultures and broaden my perspective on the world.

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Undergraduate Finance/ Economics Majors

Wasfa Fatima

Home Country: Pakistan
Undergraduate University: Institute of Business Administration, IBA Karachi
Undergraduate Major: Accounting and Finance
Years of Professional Experience: 3

"I'm all about tech, numbers, and storytelling through data. When I'm not working or studying, you'll find me exploring new destinations, cycling, savoring culinary adventures, and cherishing quality time with family."

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Clarissa Gunawan

Home Country: Indonesia 
Undergraduate University: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Undergraduate Major: Finance and Information Systems 
Years of Professional Experience: 1.5

"I am originally from Jakarta, Indonesia but spent the past five years in Hong Kong completing my undergraduate degree and working for two years. I started a side business three years ago, and through my professional work experiences and my hobbies, I enjoy serving and helping people."

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Evelyn Wang

Home Country: China
Undergraduate University: Duke University, Duke Kunshan University
Undergraduate Major: Political Economy, Economics
Years of Professional Experience: 0

"My hobbies include reading, yoga, and running. With a background outside of technology or finance and with over five years of business working experience, I believe I offer a unique perspective."

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Victoria Ye

Home Country: China
Undergraduate University: University of California, Berkely
Undergraduate Major: Economics, Urban Studies
Years of Professional Experience: 3

"I was a co-founder at a fin-tech startup, and I collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop a Polygon-based NFT minting app to support equal education for women and non-binary artists in the blockchain space. I enjoy hot yoga, drawing holiday cards for my friends and families, and making themed Spotify playlists."

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Yuchen Zhu

Home Country: Singapore
Undergraduate University: University of Cambridge
Undergraduate Major: Economics
Years of Professional Experience: 0

"I am extroverted and love to talk to new people! My experience allows me to be a source of information regarding Pittsburgh and the course to prospective students."

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Undergraduate Engineering Majors


Gary Angdoko

Home Country: Indonesia
Undergraduate University: University of Illonois Urbana-Champaign
Undergraduate Major: Industrial Engineering
Years of Professional Experience: 1.5

"I’ve dedicated myself to learn more about Business and work with Data by joining the data analytics club and doing datathon work. Outside of school, I enjoy playing basketball and exploring the city!"

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Krithika Jagannath

Home Country: India
Undergraduate University: Visvesvaraya Technological University
Undergraduate Major: Engineering, Computer Science Engineering
Years of Professional Experience: 2

"My background includes valuable experience as an analyst at Dell Technologies, where I had the opportunity to serve as an ambassador for the cultural group. I believe in the power of fostering a sense of belonging and community among students and look forward to contributing to the vibrant environment at the university."

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Hriday Muley

Home Country: India
Undergraduate University: Manipul Institute of Technology
Undergraduate Major: Mechatronic Engineering
Years of Professional Experience: 3

"I am a driven individual who prioritizes adding value to the community in whatever I do. Understanding that I want to challenge myself and grow more, I decided to pursue MSBA in the US to gain exposure to new cultures and get out of my comfort zone."

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Undergraduate Computer Science Majors

Shashank Suresh

Home Country: India
Undergraduate University: Reva University, Bengaluru
Undergraduate Major: Computer Science
Years of Professional Experience: 1

"I thrive on collaborating with others and sharing my experiences. Becoming an MSBA Student Ambassador aligns perfectly with my passion for education and community engagement, and I am eager to contribute to the growth and success of future MSBA students."

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Anoop Kaur

Home Country: India
Undergraduate University: Guru Nanak Dev University
Undergraduate Major: Computer Science and Engineering
Years of Professional Experience: 8.5

"I am passionate about technology and keep exploring latest advancements in AI. During my free time, I like to read fiction and explore spirituality."

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Sherine George

Home Country: India
Undergraduate University: RV College of Engineering, Bagelore
Undergraduate Major: Computer Science
Years of Professional Experience: 1.5

"Beyond my work, I'm an avid badminton player, a musician who loves singing and playing the ukulele/keyboard. My life is a blend of technology, sports, creativity, and a strong sense of social responsibility."

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Aniruddh Ingle

Home Country: India
Undergraduate University: Eindhoven University of Technoloogy
Undergraduate Major: Computer Science and Engineering
Years of Professional Experience: 1

"During my undergraduate in the Netherlands, I served as a board member of an International association where I represented the community on university policies. These experiences have made it very easy for me to connect with people from all across the world."

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