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Artificial Intelligence and Business Initiative

At the Tepper School of Business, we recognize the incredible potential of artificial intelligence (AI) as a game-changing technology. Our belief is clear: AI should complement and enhance human innovation. This fundamental philosophy is woven into our courses, guiding our approach to AI and business.

Tepper School faculty members are at the forefront of harnessing AI to address complex business challenges. They collaborate with various disciplines across the university to explore the multifaceted aspects of AI, including improving productivity and efficiency, optimizing processes, streamlining operations, and boosting overall performance, which can lead to enhanced business outcomes.

Our experts are also delving into the realm of human-AI interaction within teams. They explore how humans and AI systems can collaborate effectively, emphasizing the importance of integration and cooperation. This focus on teamwork underscores the school's commitment to blending AI's capabilities with human expertise. A critical aspect of the Tepper School’s work is examining the role of AI in decision-making. Experts assess how AI influences fairness and bias in various decision-making processes. This scrutiny is crucial in ensuring that AI systems are developed and deployed responsibly and equitably. 

Faculty prepare students for AI-related challenges in their future roles as ethical business leaders, emphasizing responsible technology management in a continually evolving landscape.  

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