Carnegie Mellon University

Technology Strategy and Product Management MBA Track

Technologies have become pervasive and fundamental to the operation of modern businesses. These technologies are at the core of today’s knowledge-based economy, fueling the development of innovative products, services, and business processes. Developing great high-technology products and services requires more than just technical excellence. Technology leaders also need a deep understanding of business fundamentals and of how to integrate novel technologies, business processes, and market forces together to create successful products and services.

The Technology Strategy and Product Management MBA Track emphasizes strategic and management issues relevant to the development, application, and management of cutting-edge technologies. Utilizing the strengths of Carnegie Mellon’s number one ranked School of Computer Science, the track provides students a foundation in technology issues related broadly to hardware and software industries, as well as delivers knowledge in Financial Technology, High-Tech Healthcare, Mobile Apps, Internet of Things, and Robotics.

MBA graduates of this track are exceptionally prepared to address the complex issues that lie at the intersection of business and technology. They are trained to lead their future organizations in developing and executing technology strategies and managing projects.

Who Should Apply

The Technology Strategy and Product Management Track prepares students who aspire to senior positions in firms ranging from product manager and technology consultant to ultimately vice president of products, chief technology officer, chief information officer, and chief executive officer.

Students enrolling in the track must have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or comparable work experience in the high-technology sector.

Technology Strategy and Product Management Track Courses

Download an example overview of the Technology Strategy and Product Management Track curriculum [pdf] for more information.

Faculty may revise the curriculum and course offerings at any time.

Technology Strategy and Product Management Capstone Course

Students who select a track complete their required capstone course within that track.

The Technology Strategy and Product Management capstone is an opportunity for students to develop key skills for future product managers. Students get to apply in a practical context many of the skills, techniques, and methodologies they have been exposed to during the course of the program.

Projects will be sourced via corporate partnerships and vary in industry focus from year to year.