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Regional Alumni Groups

The Tepper School of Business alumni network is 15,000+ strong with graduates in cities all over the world. As a result, there are regional groups in the U.S. and around the globe, connecting all Tepper School alumni within a certain geographic boundary to each other and the school.

Our regional group leaders bring together the community by providing opportunities to network with fellow alumni, attend events and build the visibility for the Tepper School around the U.S.

Send us an email if you would like to be connected with any of the regional group contacts. If you don't see your regional area below, check our chapters. Don't see your area represented? Contact Janice French, associate director of alumni relations, at

U.S. Cities

June Erickson, MSIA '00

Rolf Erickson, MSIA '00

James Spradley, MSIA '01

Paul Wellener, MSIA '86

Tammy Loucks, MBA '05, BS '00/p>

Vincent Sanchez, MBA '05, BSBA '97

Kawljit Chugh, MBA '11

Amy Hamilton, MBA '03

Michael Hermeston, MBA '08, Alumni Board

Mindy Doerr, MBA '03

Kevin Kindall, MSCF '98

Kia Gaines, MBA '09

Juhi (Dudani) Gummi, MBA '13

Mark Hronec, MBA '06

Ellen Vayner, MBA '02

Pamela Barnhill, MBA '01

International Groups

Rimmo Jolly, MSIA '95

Thomas Yeung, BS '98

Yves Moyen, MSIA '89

Marcelo Landivar, MBA '02

Olivier Salomon, MSIA '93

Olivier Salomon, MSIA '93

New Delhi
Hemant Ram, MSIA '91, BS/MCS '89

Parag Munot, MSIA '93

Pradeep Ranka, IM/TPR '91, BS/CFA '91

Israel Weisser, MBA '02

Itai Raz, MBA '10

Jung hee Han, MBA '05

Daniel Laniado, MSIA '96

Daniel Hug, IWM '03

Didem Altop, MSIA '94

Vikash Gupta, MBA '06