Carnegie Mellon University

Core Requirements

Leadership development is integral to your business education. The Accelerate Leadership Center requires you to complete three core leadership requirements before you graduate.

We developed these core requirements with a focus on strengthening your individual emotional intelligence (EQ) because employers cite EQ as one of the most desirable qualities in an employee. When a person moves into a leadership role, EQ becomes vital to their success by informing how they communicate, interact with teams, and motivate others, among other key leadership skills. 

Core Leadership Requirements

Individual Leadership and EQ Assessment

This assessment evaluates your behavioral competencies and emotional intelligence and generates an individual feedback report that is tailored for your personal leadership development.

Leadership Assessment Debrief

Once you have completed your leadership assessment, you receive a detailed report of your competencies and meet with an Accelerate Leadership Center coach to interpret your results and develop your personalized leadership and emotional intelligence toolkit.

Meet the coaches

Accelerate Leadership Workshop Experiences

The Accelerate Leadership Center offers a series of workshops that take a deep dive into the concepts of emotional intelligence. You are required to attend three workshops.

Next Steps: Develop Your Leadership Toolkit

By threading all three of your required Accelerate Leadership Center courses together as an immersive experience — one building onto the next — our aim is to give you a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of emotional intelligence, and to deepen your insight into the complexities and possibilities of your own emotional intelligence profile. 

EXPLORE Leadership Development