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We launched our strategic planning process in July 2023. Led by Dean Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou, our diverse community collaborated to develop our School’s strategy for the next six years. Over 300 individuals from our faculty, staff, and student communities, and the Alumni Board and Business Board of Advisors contributed to the plan’s creation through traditional, tested strategic planning methods including retreats, focus groups, interviews, and a survey. 

Additionally, we used innovative practices, including a Pitch Day, where we invited the community to “pitch” big ideas, and the Unanimous AI process, which utilized artificial intelligence to solicit and synthesize ideas from faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The Carnegie Mellon University President and Provost, as well as select members of the University Board of Trustees, also provided their insights and feedback throughout the process. A Strategic Planning Task Force, along with the School’s Executive Committee, worked to incorporate the ideas and input from our various communities into our strategic plan.

Members of these groups also formed and facilitated a series of thematic workshops where our faculty, staff, and students honed the strategic themes and initiatives identified through previous community engagement. Together, these efforts have enabled us to define the strategic priorities that will set us on an exciting path forward.


To provide intellectual leadership that advances the science and practice of management, and to develop ethical leaders to be value creators and pioneers of change for business and society.


We are leading the Intelligent Future of Business — an inclusive, innovative, and interdisciplinary future — leveraging analytics, emerging technology, AI, and business fundamentals for data-informed and human-driven decisions.


The Tepper School is dedicated to advancing its core values and three commitments.

  • Inclusive Excellence: We will cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture and community of learners, educators, and administrators centered around excellence. This environment will provide a genuine sense of belonging to all, regardless of their backgrounds or identities. Furthermore, academic excellence will flourish as diverse perspectives fuel innovation, collaboration, and outstanding results across all areas at the Tepper School.
  • Data Informed/Human Driven: We will use human intelligence — analytical, creative, emotional — to unleash data’s insights and reach smarter decisions to confront the uncertainty of a dynamic business environment. If led and managed by the right people, analytics and data-informed decision making have the power to enrich business and society while bettering the lives of all.
  • Collaboration: We will grow and transform our University’s established network of partnerships and pursue new meaningful relationships in education, research, and service across our Carnegie Mellon University campuses and beyond.

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