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Accelerated MBA: A Faster Path To An MBA for Business Majors

Do you have an undergraduate business degree or some business courses in your background? Expedite your Tepper MBA with our Full-Time Accelerated MBA or Online Hybrid Accelerated MBA.

Why Choose the Tepper Full-Time Accelerated MBA or Online Hybrid Accelerated MBA?

The Accelerated MBA is for business graduates or individuals with undergraduate business coursework experience who want to earn an MBA on an accelerated timeline.

The Accelerated MBA may be for you if:

  • You have 3-7 years of work experience.
  • In the last 10 years, you have taken accounting, finance, marketing, microeconomics, and operations courses from an accredited undergraduate institution.

Same Degree. Faster.

In the Tepper Accelerated MBA program, you’ll get the same faculty and thought-provoking and rewarding coursework as the traditional MBA program. Because students in the Accelerated MBA program have earned an undergraduate business degree or have taken core business courses in the last 10 years, they receive credit for their acquired business knowledge and take refresher coursework in their first semester.

You’ll gain all of the same advantages of a Tepper MBA and join the incoming cohort of either our Full-Time or Online Hybrid MBA program. Your Accelerated degree simply streamlines redundant coursework and as a result, reduces tuition costs for the program. 

  • Full-Time Accelerated MBA: Three semesters instead of four semesters of tuition (144 units to complete degree after courses are transferred in)
  • Online Hybrid Accelerated MBA: Six semesters instead of eight semesters of tuition (144 units to complete degree after courses are transferred in)

All Accelerated MBA candidates are eligible for the same merit scholarships as their regular, program format candidates. Please visit our Carnegie Mellon Tuition and Financial Aid Information page to learn more.

Compare Full-Time and Online Hybrid Accelerated MBA Formats

Full-Time Accelerated

  • Faster Full-Time MBA for individuals with undergrad business coursework experience
  • Full on-campus experience 
  • Three semesters (Fall/Spring/Summer OR Fall/Spring/Summer Internship/Fall)
  • Classes Monday-Thursday
  • Varied schedule
  • Full range of career services
  • 2-8 years of typical work experience
  • 16 months with internship; 12 months without internship

Online Hybrid Accelerated

  • Faster Online Hybrid MBA with undergrad business coursework experience
  • Flexible online courses
  • Year-round
  • Full range of career services
  • Several immersive Access Weekends each year
  • 24 months (August - August)

Professional Growth

Our customized, one-on-one leadership coaching cultivates empathy, awareness, and self-reflection. It’s where you’ll realize your leadership potential. You’ll graduate ready to manage people, build networks of influence, inspire others to join in your pursuit of a common goal, and execute that goal with excellence.

Working with your own leadership coach, you’ll create a customized leadership development plan to guide you to greater empathy, self-awareness, and effectiveness — preparing you to lead tomorrow’s workforce with insight.

Career Path Advantage

Our MBA students accept offers in consulting, technology, financial services, healthcare, consumer goods, manufacturing, and more. This diversity of outcomes demonstrates the versatility of our students and their appeal to employers across industries and functions. Check out our Full-Time MBA Employment Report for more information about Tepper MBA salaries and career outcomes.

No matter which career path you choose, our top-ranked Masters Career Center will be there to provide you with dedicated support. Expect career coaching from seasoned professionals and access to on-campus recruiting, corporate presentations, and connections to top jobs at premier companies.