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Carnegie Mellon University will host its third-annual INTERSECT@CMU Conference as a virtual series beginning on Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020.

The 2020 INTERSECT@CMU Virtual Conference Series will consider the pandemic's long-term global effects on four foundational elements of society: health and healthcare, education, the economy, and sustainability.

Sessions will be held on Sept. 10-13, 18, 25 and Oct. 2 and include afternoon keynote lectures and panel discussions, student-led programming, and opportunities for interdisciplinary discussion. 

Tepper School faculty presenting include Alan Scheller-Wolf, Chris Sleet, and Bob Dammon, as well as alumni Amesh Adalja and Shubham Singhal.

A university-wide effort supported by all seven colleges, this timely conference gathers thought leaders of disparate disciplines and perspectives from within CMU and beyond to explore the impact of COVID-19 on the future of business, technology, and society.

Join us as we discuss how our decisions today can help build a better, more robust, and more equitable world.

Visit the INTERSECT@CMU Site to Register and Learn More.