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MBA students at leadership simulation

MBA Leadership Development

Leadership isn’t solely about having the right answer. It also is about the ability to get things done with — and through — others.

An estimated 97 percent of employers expect business school graduates to have exceptional interpersonal skills. Effective communication and interpersonal skills are the foundation of leadership. Our Accelerate Leadership Center equips students with essential leadership behaviors that stand out, transforming careers and businesses.

We believe most leaders are taught — not born. It’s not merely about style or personality — it’s about identifiable behaviors that can be adjusted to achieve optimal performance.

We provide a customized leadership development assessment, one-to-one coaching and a personal leadership roadmap. Our Accelerate Leadership Center coaches work with you on the key leadership qualities and behaviors that lead to career success.

Step One: Take Stock

Students begin their leadership journey by taking stock via a leadership assessment that evaluates students' behavioral competencies and generates an individual feedback report that is tailored for personal leadership development.

Step Two: Develop Your Toolkit

Not a cookie-cutter approach, our MBAs develop their leadership toolkit by working one on one with full-time leadership coaches on their development areas and by attending a series of workshops specifically designed to build the skills employers are looking for. Combined, this intense leadership training serves as the basis for elevating your leadership potential.

Step Three: Put Theory Into Practice

Students put their newly acquired leadership plan into practice via specific behavioral opportunities ranging from internships, jobs, student club leadership roles or team-based initiatives.

We often tell students that while analytics is the heart of a Tepper MBA, leadership is the soul. The Tepper MBA sets itself apart by providing you both leadership and analytics — and ultimately the ability to lead people and organizations at a higher, more advanced level of performance.

Discover how our leadership opportunities are designed to advance your career potential.