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Tepper School Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures, published once each academic year, contains valuable overview information about the Tepper School in a quick, snapshot format. 

View our 2023 Facts and Figures [pdf] 




Facts and Figures in the Brochure

Our Academic Programs and Enrollment

The Tepper School is home to several award-winning and nationally ranked programs, including undergraduate business and economics programs; graduate programs in business administration and computational finance; and doctoral-level programs which span numerous areas of study. Facts and Figures breaks down our current student enrollment and ranking information for each of these programs.

Alumni Support

With high rates of alumni donor support and annual giving, our alumni continue to make an impact on the Tepper School long after they graduate. This guide captures recent giving and chapter information.

Faculty, Staff and Teaching/Research Centers

The Tepper School currently has more than 200 full-time faculty and staff members, and numerous teaching and research centers dedicated to helping our students achieve academic excellence in all arenas. This guide provides a complete listing of our school's centers.