Carnegie Mellon University

Entrepreneurship in Organizations MBA Track

The Entrepreneurship Track is designed to provide MBA students with the tools, experiences, and support necessary to facilitate development as a leader and innovator in your chosen field or industry.

Graduates of this track pursue a variety of career paths including start-up and emerging companies, corporate innovation and business development, entrepreneurship through small business acquisition, venture capital/private equity, consulting, and social entrepreneurship.

In sync with Carnegie Mellon’s interdisciplinary strengths, students collaborate closely with faculty, researchers, and other students at our top-ranked programs including engineering, product development, computer science, robotics, and design.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem @ CMU

CMU has one of the world’s most robust and valuable entrepreneurial ecosystems. Students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends represent some of history’s most successful entrepreneurs and the track takes full advantage of CMU’s reputation and resources via the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship.

Over 400 companies have been launched since 2008 and CMU entrepreneurs have raised more than $1 billion in capital raised since 2011.

Entrepreneurship Faculty

All faculty are experienced and successful entrepreneurs. There is no substitute for the “been there, done that” perspective.

The track combines traditional coursework and experiential learning opportunities supported by faculty who have actually built and sold companies to provide a comprehensive experience throughout the program.

Who Should Apply

The track includes two options depending on career path choice:

  • High Growth Entrepreneurship: Found or join an entrepreneurial company.
  • Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition: Find, acquire and build a company.

Entrepreneurship Track Courses

The required and recommended courses for each of these track options are summarized in the accompanying tables. Students are counseled individually for their selection of the path most appropriate to achieve their career goals.

Download an example overview of the curriculum for each track option to learn more. Faculty may revise the curriculum and course offerings at any time.

Entrepreneurship Capstone Course

The Capstone project course, Designing and Leading a Business, offered in Mini 3 and 4 of the second year incorporates an option to complete the capstone project in Silicon Valley in Mini 4 (regardless of the three choices noted above).

This in-depth immersion into the SV ecosystem provides an opportunity to meet with CEOs, venture capitalists, other industry thought leaders, and to personally engage in this unique innovation ecosystem appropriate for your career choice.