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The Center for Intelligent Business is a new multidisciplinary center at Carnegie Mellon.

Our mission is to enable AI for intelligent augmentation of business, or “AI for IA”. By reimagining traditional problems in Management Science in light of new data and analytical capabilities, we are brainstorming models for Management Science 2.0. 

AI is having a significant impact on corporations by integrating into the core functions of the firm such as finance, operations, and marketing. These functions have been traditionally managed using a set of methodologies that have been collectively termed Management Science. To integrate AI effectively, these functions must be reimagined in light of new data, information, and analytical capabilities enabled by AI. Our vision is to use this big change in the commercial world to define Management Science 2.0.

We welcome engagement with companies faced with incorporating the new data technologies into their core business. Use this site to explore our expertise, discover synergies with our educational programs, and find out how to engage with us. Or, learn more about our approach.

News & Events

Center Coffee Chats. You can subscribe to future center coffee chats at

  • Jun 7 CIB Coffee Chat (Virtual) w/ Rajendra Jadhav, Group VP Digital Intelligence, Wabtec. Contact to register. Rajendra's group works on railway planning systems for several railroad operators around the world. In our chat we will exploring if we can use the data they get from their customer’s existing track plan and train control system and build a simulation demonstrating how Wabtec solutions could improve the flow of traffic / capacity of the network. An initial robust model with a proof of concept in this direction could eventually turn into a new product offering. This chat should be particularly interesting to those interested in business applications of optimization as well as new product development.
  • Jun 23 - Jun 23 CIB Coffee Chat (Hybrid) w/ David Betts, Principal, Deloitte. Contact to register

Explanations of Artificial Intelligence: Author Proposes Model That Highlights Evidence of Fairness

In a new article, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) suggests that explanations of AI are valuable to those affected by a model’s decisions if they can provide evidence that a past adverse decision was unfair. The article is published in Frontiers in Psychology for a special issue on AI in Business.

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