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The Center for Intelligent Business is a new multidisciplinary center at Carnegie Mellon.

Our mission is to enable AI for intelligent augmentation of business, or “AI for IA”. By reimagining traditional problems in Management Science in light of new data and analytical capabilities, we are brainstorming models for Management Science 2.0. 

AI is having a significant impact on corporations by integrating into the core functions of the firm such as finance, operations, and marketing. These functions have been traditionally managed using a set of methodologies that have been collectively termed Management Science. To integrate AI effectively, these functions must be reimagined in light of new data, information, and analytical capabilities enabled by AI. Our vision is to use this big change in the commercial world to define Management Science 2.0.

How we turn our vision into reality:

  • Work with corporate partners to identify new business problems framed by data-rich contexts. Through our Center Coffee Chats, we form interdisciplinary teams of faculty and doctoral students across CMU to brainstorm solutions and begin research project discussions.
  • Help match corporate partners to educational project opportunities to enrich the experiential learning component for our students as well as gain a deeper

We welcome engagement with companies faced with incorporating the new data technologies into their core business. Use this site to explore our expertise, discover synergies with our educational programs, and find out how to engage with us. Or, learn more about our approach



News & Events

Tepper School Faculty Member Wins Amazon Research Award for AI Work

Yan Huang, Associate Professor of Business Technologies at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business, has won an Amazon Research Award for her work on fairness in artificial intelligence (AI).

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Future of Generative AI

Sean Ammirati, Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship and generative AI fellow for the Center of Intelligent Business, speaks to a relatively new form of #AI and how it works. He envisions future companies built from the ground up on genAI will take the lead.

“It may mean we build companies differently in the future,” he said. “They will be automation-first, so they won’t have to relearn how to stop doing things manually that they should be doing in an automated way. You could end up with a very different kind of company.”

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