Carnegie Mellon University

Tepper MBA Core Curriculum: It Starts With Analytics

Our focus on leadership and analytical decision-making is what sets us apart, and the core courses are where your analytics advantage starts. On day one, you’ll begin a deep dive into analytics that will serve you through your Tepper MBA experience and your career. 

Our MBA core curriculum provides an integrated view of business that prepares you to manage and lead an organization. Through the core coursework, you will acquire a solid understanding of marketing, finance, operations, economics, accounting, organizational behavior, and strategy that provide insights into all critical functions of an organization.

But in order to solve the business challenges that lie ahead, you’ll need to be able to forecast, predict, and model solutions in the face of uncertainty. You’ll need to develop your advanced analytics skills to stand out in today’s marketplace. 

A Mastery of Analytics

Advanced analytics consists of more than just mathematical modeling — it’s the transformation of vast amounts of data into strategic decisions. A true command of analytics requires a change in mindset, going beyond your intuition to systematically solve problems.

Throughout the core curriculum, you’ll master analytical tools like optimization, prescriptive modeling, and predictive modeling that are critical for tackling complex business issues while building a strong foundation in business fundamentals.