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Tepper Health Care Initiative

The rapidly changing landscape of health care poses a variety of operational, organizational, technological, and societal challenges. Tepper School faculty and students are engaged in research activities that address these challenges using their expertise in economic theory, operations research and management, business technologies, organizational theory, data, and analytical methods.

The Tepper Health Care Initiative supports and showcases the research advances, educational endeavors, thought leadership, entrepreneurship, and industry partnerships of Tepper School faculty, students, and collaborators in the health care and health tech domains.

Meet our experts, read about their work and its impact on business and society, explore our courses, and find collaboration opportunities. 

Hack This, Help Kids: Hackathon for Hope

The Hack This, Help Kids Hackathon for Hope is an event focused on pediatric health care. In October 2018, the hackathon took place at the Tepper Quad, cementing the building's identity as a hub for cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovative problem-solving. Participants represented such fields as medicine, engineering, software development, and business.

Learn more and view the winners from the hackathon for hope