Carnegie Mellon University

Synechron: Improving Employee Retirement Experience with Actionable Financial Wellness Programs

Capstone Team: Aishwarya Shah, Ryannon Starkey, Gnanitha Manne, Mindaugas Katilius, Evan Wong

There are three major concerns in the retirement industry:

  • Very few people are focused on saving for retirement.
  • People may need to take money out early for emergencies
    which reduces retirement corpus.
  • More money is being spent on services and products
    impacted by inflation.
One-third of Americans feel unprepared or unsure of whether they are on track for retirement, one of the main reasons being the lack of engagement between employers/plan providers and employees. The purpose of this study is to examine these challenges and provide insights into the ways that employers and plan providers could help improve the contribution rate.

Capstone Presentation