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Whether you work in Seattle or travel to New York City often, there are alumni chapters in major cities throughout the United States that facilitate opportunities to connect with fellow alumni.

Send us an email if you would like to be connected with any of the chapter contacts. If you don't see your regional area below, check our regional groups.

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Chapter Contact
Jeffrey Bowman, MSIA '92
Alicia Bowman, MSIA '92

Boston LinkedIn group
Boston Facebook group


Chapter Contact
Lonnie Hatcher, MBA '13
Dan Wolff, MBA '11

Chicago LinkedIn group


Chapter Contact
Russ Ewing, MSIA '96, Alumni Board

New York

Chapter Contacts
Dave Moylan, MSIA '97
Lily MacEachern, MBA '09, Alumni Board
Chris Shoemaker, MBA '16
Chris Gassman, JD/MBA '12


Chapter Contact
Justin Krauss, MBA '09


Chapter Contacts
Ariel Lichtenstein, MBA '09
Liza Tresser, MBA '16

San Francisco

Chapter Contacts
Feliz Amoruwa, MBA '16
Lee Diamond, MBA '05, Alumni Board


Chapter Contacts
Brigid Johnson, MBA '14
Brittany Williams, MBA '13

Washington, D.C. 

Chapter Contacts 
Swetha Arbuckle, MBA '09
John O'Neill, MSIA '80