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Earn the Carnegie Mellon Certificate in Executive Leadership

The Carnegie Mellon Certificate in Executive Leadership is documented recognition of your continued commitment to advanced professional education at the highest levels.

This designation demonstrates your dedication to maintaining cutting-edge skill, as well as the exceptional training you’ve received from a recognized top-tier university. The Certificate in Executive Leadership allows you to create your own path to success, merging your unique career and personal goals. This elite credential is awarded to those who complete 10 Tepper Education Units (TEUs) within a three year period.

Benefits of certification include:

  • Expand job skills for career advancement.
  • Stay current in your profession.
  • Grow network of peer professionals.
  • Explore a new field.
  • Differentiate yourself with a credential from Carnegie Mellon University.

How do I earn the Carnegie Mellon Certificate in Executive Leadership?

You can earn the Certificate in Executive Leadership by completing programs in any of our topic areas, creating your unique portfolio of coursework. Tepper School Executive Education offers programs in the areas of analytics and AIcommunication, diversity and equityinnovation, and strategic leadership.

Pursuing the Certificate in Executive Leadership allows candidates to further capabilities critical to their individual professional advancement. The Executive Education team is prepared to advise candidates on the selection of programs that will be most effective for career goals.

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Meet the Tartan Faculty


Laurence Ales
Professor of Economics


Sean Ammirati Tepper Executive EducationSean Ammirati
Distinguished Service Professor
of Entrepreneurship

Rosalind Chow Tepper Executive EducationRosalind M. Chow
Associate Professor
Organizational Behavior and Theory

mattia-ciollaro-900x900-min.jpgMattia Ciollaro
Assistant Teaching Professor of Business Analytics


Emily DeJeu Tepper Executive Education
Emily DeJeu
Assistant Teaching Professor
Business Management Communication

Tim Derdenger Tepper Executive Education
Tim Derdenger
Associate Professor
Marketing and Strategy

David Krackhardt Tepper Executive EducationDavid Krackhardt
Professor of Organizations
Heinz College & Tepper School
of Business


david-lassman_min_.jpgDavid Lassman
Distinguished Service Professor
Organizational Management

leben-derek.jpgDerek Leben
Associate Teaching Professor of Business Ethics

Sunkee Lee
Associate Professor of Organizational Theory and Strategy; Frank A. and Helen E. Risch Associate Professor of Organizational Theory and Strategy

Leanne Meyer Tepper Executive Education
Leanne Meyer
Executive Coach and Author

Ben Moseley Tepper Executive EducationBen Mosley
Carnegie Bosch Associate Professor 
Operations Research


Willem van Hoeve Tepper Executive EducationWillem-Jan van Hoeve
Carnegie Bosch Professor
Operations Research
Senior Associate Dean Education

sylvia-vogt-hedshot_cmyk_.jpgSylvia B. Vogt
Faculty Director
Carnegie Mellon University


Beth Walter Tepper Executive EducationBeth Walter
Assistant Professor
Business Communications

Show off your success with digital Smart Certificates from Tepper Executive Education and CV Trust.

Upon successful completion of our executive education programs, you will receive a secure, certified, digital version of your certificate to share with recruiters, employers, and professional and personal networks. Partnering with CV Trust allows each certificate holder access to the CV Trust web-based platform to manage all of their certificates in one place and access them from anywhere, anytime. Smart Certificates may be sent as a secure .pdf or with a personal hyperlink.

With Smart Certificates, you can:

  • Receive instant access to verified digital credentials.
  • Store credentials in a secure, web-based platform.
  • Share credentials across social networks, such as LinkedIn, and via e-mail.
  • Prevent fraud and make having additional copies of certificates easier and more accessible.

View frequently asked questions to learn more about Smart Certificates.

Pursuing a Certificate in Executive Leadership also qualifies you for a 10% discount after completing your first program toward the certificate.

Contact Executive Education at Carnegie Mellon

Contact a program director at 412-268-2304 or to learn more.

Get answers to common inquiries by visiting our frequently asked questions page.