Carnegie Mellon University

Egon Balas Academic Symposium Presentations and Memorial Service

Oct. 27-28, 2019


Egon Balas Memorial Service at the Tepper School of Business

Oct. 28, 2019

Academic Symposium Presentations: Oct. 27-28, 2019

Global Optimization of Nonconvex Nonlinear Generalized Disjunctive Programs

Ignacio Grossmann

An Integer Programming Approach for the Geometric Firefighter Routing Problem

Cid de Souza

Fraud Detection, Clustering, and Sparsification of Networks

Bill Pulleyblank

Integral Simplex for the Set Partitioning Problem: A Promising Field Opened by Professor Balas

François Soumis

Zero Congestion

Eitan Zemel

Mathematical Models and Heuristic Algorithms for the Train-Unit Assignment Problem

Paolo Toth

On Pricing-Based Equilibrium for Network Expansion Planning Under Uncertainty

Laureano Escudero

Solving Nonconvex Optimization Problems via Disjunctions

Dan Bienstock

On Polyhedral Approaches to Machine Scheduling

Maurice Queyranne

Characterizing Bad Semidefinite Programs: Normal Forms and Short Proofs

Gabor Pataki

A New Integer Programming Formulation of the Graphical Traveling Salesman Problem

Neil Simonetti

MINLP Solution Method for Problems with Decision-Dependent Uncertainty

Miguel Lejeune

Mixed Integer Nonlinear Optimization Models for the Euclidean Steiner Tree Problem in d-Space

Nelson Maculan

Disjunctive Programming in Portfolio Optimization

Sebastian Ceria

Lift-and-Project, Cut-Generating Functions, and Intersection Cuts

Gérard P. Cornuéjols

Disjunctive Cuts in the 21st Century

Aleks Kazachkov

Transformation Methods for Solving MIQCPs

Michael Perregaard

Lift-and-Project Cuts in CPLEX

Pierre Bonami

Facets of Structured Disjunctive Programs

Tamas Kis

Machine Learning for MIP

Tuomas Sandholm

Generalized Surrogate Duality for Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programs

Andrea Lodi

Intersection Cuts from Bilinear Disjunctions

Matteo Fischetti