Carnegie Mellon University

The Intelligent Future℠ is Here

At the heart of Carnegie Mellon University, the Tepper School of Business prepares next-generation thinkers to drive The Intelligent Future. In this business landscape, humans unlock the power of data to advance our world.

You will study in the birthplace of AI with faculty who make groundbreaking discoveries at the intersection of business, emerging technology and the human imagination.

How The Tepper School Prepares You For The Intelligent Future

Deeply Human

The tech-driven future of business isn’t about advancing AI for AI’s sake. It’s about developing AI to benefit humanity. At the Tepper School, you’ll tap into your emotional intelligence to grow your empathetic, ethical and equitable leadership skills.

Beyond Interdisciplinary

Both artificial intelligence and human intelligence will power the future of business. At the Tepper School, you’ll learn to navigate this complexity by thinking beyond disciplines and collaborating with experts in everything from robotics to philosophy.

Experimental, Experiential

As AI rapidly reshapes the business world, it’s impossible to predict what comes next. The Tepper School provides grounded, hands-on learning that creates bold thinkers who can navigate the unexpected.


Only at Tepper

Carnegie Mellon University is the birthplace of AI, and this innovative spirit permeates every aspect of a CMU Tepper School education—the curriculum, the campus, and close collaboration with tech industry titans.

Launch your Intelligent Future with these Tepper School’s STEM-designated Master’s programs

Learn how to lead at the intersection of business, technology and analytics through The Tepper School’s top-ranked, STEM-designated MBA program.

Explore the Tepper School MBA

Supercharge your career with a Master of Science in Business Analytics. Dive into next-generation data science and learn how to extract powerful insights where analytics, business, and creativity meet.

Explore the Tepper School School’s MSBA

Kickstart your business career with the STEM-designated Master of Science in Management degree. In two semesters, this program equips you with next-generation business fundamentals, with specializations in Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Strategy.

Explore the Tepper School’s MSM Degree

This STEM-designated program from the Tepper School and School of Computer Science prepares you to lead product management teams at top tech companies, emphasizing business growth, successful cross-functional team leadership, and empathy-driven customer initiatives.

Explore the Tepper School’s MSPM Degree

Artificial intelligence is changing business in ways we can’t imagine. Will you be ready to lead the AI-powered future?