Carnegie Mellon University

Honda: 99PLabs Research - Dynamic Vehicle Services

Capstone Team: Chatchawan Lakkhananukun, Prakhyat Pola, Rebecca Stevens, Jocelyn Wang

In this project, we explored two business models: a car maintenance service and a peer-to-peer car lending platform; we used an analytics-focused approach on the Telematics dataset collected on cars provided by 99PLabs. Dwell time and location predictive models were developed previously by another team, and we provided recommendations on the model improvement.

The two business models integrate the predictive models to create potential business values. Because of the limitation of the dataset, two surveys were conducted to understand and validate our business models. Both surveys showed that there are markets for the two proposed business models. We also developed a framework to understand the failure modes of both business models and methods for mitigating the risk. We analyzed the cost-benefit of applying the predictive models to both business models to understand potential values for both 99PLabs and its customers. Finally, we explored the potential of using autonomous vehicles in the peer-to-peer lending service.

Capstone Presentation