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MBA Student Clubs

The classroom is just your first opportunity to expand your horizons. 

Collaborate with brilliant students and grow your circle by getting involved. Tepper student clubs are as diverse as the student population. Pick from more than 40 groups — professional, educational, and social. Or start and lead your own.

Whether it’s career advancement, community service, athletic competition, or pursuing a startup, your opportunity awaits.

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Tepper Women in Business Club

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The Tepper School MBA student clubs are fully governed by our student government, the Graduate Business Association (GBA).

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Adam Smith logo

Adam Smith Society

Nationwide, chapter-based association of MBA students and business professionals who work to promote debate and discussion about the moral, social and economic benefits of capitalism.

African Business Collective Logo

African Business Collective

ABC is for students interested in learning and contributing to the dialogue on economic development, market potential, entrepreneurship, and business on the African continent.

Alpha Asset Management Club Logo

Alpha Club

This club seeks to bridge the gap between Tepper’s rigorous academic curriculum and the real-world management of investment portfolios.

Asian Business Club logo

Asian Business Association

ABA aims to strengthen and unify the Asian and Asian-American presence at the Tepper School and welcomes students of all ethnic backgrounds.


Basketball Club logo

Basketball Club

The Basketball Club provides an organized athletic and competitive outlet for students.

BBA logo

Black Business Association

The BBA is dedicated to the academic, professional, and personal development of its diverse members.

Brewmeisters Club logo

Brewmeisters Club

Brewmeisters pursue the knowledge and experience of brewing and tasting world-class beer.

Business Technology Club logo

Business and Technology Club

B&T focuses on career opportunities in technology functions and industries by engaging with experts and emerging technologies.


Christian Business logo

Christian Business Association

CBA provides opportunities for fellowship with Christian students and faculty and for discussion and networking with Christians in the business community.

Consulting Club logo

Consulting Club

The Consulting Club educates, connects, and empowers students to succeed in both internal and external consulting.

Culinary Club logo

Culinary Club

Food is a common language at the Tepper School. The mission of the Culinary Club is to provide a forum to bring people together through food.


Data Analytics Club logo

Data Analytics Club

This club prepares members to analyze data in order to predict outcomes, prescribe solutions, and describe data in powerful ways.

Design Business logo

Design & Business Club

This club is for creative types who want to learn more about design and business.


Energy and CleanTech Club logo

Energy and CleanTech Club

ECTC provides a forum for networking opportunities, building and maintaining lasting professional relationships with energy-related companies and Tepper alumni, and engaging in collaborative work with other students and research centers at Carnegie Mellon University.


Golf club logo

Golf Club

In the world of business, the ability to confidently approach a round of golf can prove to be a valuable networking tool.

Graduate Entrepreneurship Club

Graduate Entrepreneurship Club

This club fosters creativity and entrepreneurial innovation across Carnegie Mellon University's campus.

GFA Club logo

Graduate Finance Association

The GFA serves students pursuing careers in various areas of finance.


Healthcare Club logo

Healthcare Club

This club works to create an engaged community of students interested in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and related fields.


Jewish Business Association logo

Jewish Business Association

The JBA shares Jewish customs and values with the Tepper School community, further contributing to the diversity of the student body.


Latin American Business

Latin American Business Club

LABC promotes Latin American culture by providing information about professional, academic, networking, and volunteering opportunities.


Marketing Club logo

Marketing Club

The Marketing Club serves the Tepper School community at Carnegie Mellon through education, career, and networking initiatives.

Media Entertainment Club

Media and Entertainment Club

Promotes awareness and knowledge of the media/entertainment industry through professional, social, and educational interactions among peers, industry leaders, and the broader CMU community.


Net Impact club logo

Net Impact

Net Impact is a community of more than 50,000 student and professional leaders creating positive social and environmental change.


Operations Club

Operations and General Management Club

The Operations and General Management Club promotes excellence in Operations Management, leadership development programs, and General Management within both manufacturing and services

Organizational Leadership Club

This club educates Tepper School students on becoming capable, confident, and inspiring leaders.

Out and Allied


Out&Allied provides a supportive environment to enhance the social, academic, and career experiences of LGBT students, allies, and partners.


Pro Bono Consulting

Pro Bono Consulting Club

The Pro Bono Consulting Club provides volunteer consulting services by MBA students to non-profit organizations and small businesses in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.


Racquet Club logo

Racquet Club

The goal of the Racquet Club is to provide a friendly environment for members to learn and play racquet sports.

Tepper Real Estate Club Logo

Tepper Real Estate Club

We provide a platform for members to meet and learn from industry experts to develop meaningful connections in the real estate market.

Robber Barrons logo

Robber Barons

The Robber Barons is a publication by and for Tepper School students.


Soccer Club logo

Soccer Club

This club was formed to organize the strong soccer community at the Tepper School.

SABA club logo

South Asian Business Association

SABA is geared toward helping students of South Asian origin professionally and culturally through networking and cultural events.

STARS logo

STARS - Students at Tepper for Astronautics, Rockets & Space

STARS educates about careers in the space industry and space technologies across the CMU campus.


Tepper Cares logo

Tepper Cares

Tepper Cares leads community service initiatives in the greater Pittsburgh area and provides volunteers with high-quality service experiences.

Tepper Games Logo

Tepper Games

Tepper Games provides a friendly and open environment where students can socialize and bond over games.

Outdoor Adventure Club

Tepper Outdoor Adventure Club

The Tepper Outdoor Adventure Club provides opportunities for students to get in touch with the outdoors through a variety of activities.

Tepper-Parents Club logo

Tepper Parents Club

Our aim is to help incoming and current families create a support system that understands the unique challenges faced in business school.

Tepper Partners Club logo

Tepper Partners Club

Tepper Partners plan social events for the Tepper School community to explore Pittsburgh, network, and go to cultural events together.

Tepper Women in Business logo

Tepper Women in Business

This club is designed to help women in business increase their confidence, skills, and knowledge to become successful business leaders.


Tepper Veterans Club

Veterans Club

The club supports prospective military candidates in the admissions process and provides networking and career advice to current students.

Volleyball Club logo

Volleyball Club

The Volleyball Club promotes fun outside of the classroom while playing a sport. All are welcome to join.


Wine Club logo

Wine Club

This club provides the Tepper School community with a forum to explore and appreciate wine through education and tasting experiences.