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Tepper MSM Application

Do you want to light the spark of The Intelligent Future? Start Your Application Today.

We give equal consideration to every aspect of your application — goals, background, accomplishments — in order to determine if the Tepper MSM program is a good fit for you.

Your Tepper MSM application will contain a variety of components that provide the admissions committee information to assess your candidacy for our program. Through our review process, we do not assign specific weights to the various parts of the application.

Note to All MSM Applicants

To safeguard the integrity of the admissions process, Carnegie Mellon University routinely uses a third-party company, Re Vera, to conduct verification procedures of all candidates who accept our offer of admission.

MSM Application Instructions

Start by reviewing the application components below. We ask you to provide a bit of personal, professional, and educational information to get to know you better.

We suggest that you create your essay and goals and then sit down to complete the online form. We provide a time estimate at the top of each page in the online application.

You'll only need about 30 minutes to complete the entire online application form.

Application Components

Upload a copy of your resume. The purpose of this document is to provide a snapshot of your education and professional achievements in your career. Use a standard (i.e. Times New Roman or Arial), 12-pt. font for your 1-2 page resume.

Pro Tip: It is important to include month and year for starting and ending dates for each position held. If this key information is not included, we will ask for an updated resume, which may delay your application.

Successful applicants will hold a four-year, bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the U.S. or an equivalent degree from a foreign country. You will provide details of your education for each institution that you attended. Additionally, admission to the MSM program requires candidates to have taken one semester of college-level math. Those who do not meet this requirement will be required to successfully complete Tepper’s Calculus Fundamentals course prior to matriculation. 

You will upload transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate programs you have attended or are attending. These may be copies of transcripts that you already have in your possession. However, these cannot be web transcripts. A web transcript is anything obtained from an online student portal, downloaded from your student record, or retrieved online.

Transcripts uploaded during the application process are considered “unofficial.” What makes a transcript "unofficial" is that you have it in your possession instead of us receiving it in a sealed, stamped envelope directly from your university.

Pro Tip: View a sample of a web transcript that you should avoid submitting.

All candidates are required to upload legible, scanned/digitized copies of their unofficial transcripts and degree certificates which include the following:

  • University Transcripts: All transcripts are copies of actual university transcripts (not web transcripts), usually on watermarked paper with a seal, etc.
  • Degree Name: If you earned a degree, the name is on the transcript (i.e. Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, etc.).
  • Degree Conferral Date: If you earned a degree, the date the degree was awarded is on the transcript.
  • Degree Certificate: If you earned a degree and the degree name/conferral date are not on the transcript, you must upload a copy of your degree certificate which includes this information. This cannot be a provisional certificate; it must be final. Still unsure what to submit? See sample degree certificates.
  • Grading Scale: Include for every university so we know what the grades mean. Often on the back of the transcript; otherwise, contact the university to obtain. Still unsure what to submit? See sample grading scales.
  • Official Translation: If the transcript is not in English, upload both the transcript in the original language and the official translated copy so that we can read it.

Pro Tip: If your uploaded transcript doesn’t include all the required information, we will need to contact you to send the missing items, and your application may be delayed.

Pro Tip: Official transcripts (those sent directly by the degree-granting institution) are not required during the application process. Should you be admitted, you will be required to submit official transcripts later.

The Tepper School accepts the GMAT (both new and previous editions), GRE (both new and previous editions), and Executive Assessment (EA). Successful candidates submitting an EA score will have extensive quantitative academic coursework and/or will have professional experience in a STEM-related field. One of these tests is required regardless of previous advanced academic work or professional experience.

We accept both in-person and online versions of the GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS.

Once we receive the official score, we will update your application checklist accordingly.

Request that the official score is sent to us using the following instructions:

GMAT and Executive Assessment: Send official score to Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business

GRE Program Code: Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business: 4883

Pro Tip: GMAT and GRE scores are valid for five years and must be valid at the time you submit your application.

Pro Tip: If you have taken the GMAT/GRE more than once, report the highest overall score from any one testing date when completing the online application.

Our Tepper MSM program is focused on the success of our students in the classroom and in employment outcomes. The application process allows us to assess readiness of candidates and provide guidance in improving future academic and career outcomes.

We believe standardized exams are one way that business programs gauge academic readiness; however, while many Tepper MSM applicants will submit a GMAT/GRE/EA score, we also recognize there are multiple ways to demonstrate academic readiness. This is the reason we offer a test waiver option.

The Tepper MSM test waiver is an option for students who meet certain qualifications (exceptional quantitative coursework). Liberal Arts candidates with degrees in Humanities and Social Sciences would not be eligible for a waiver and would need to demonstrate necessary quantitative skill-set via the required coursework and by submitting an official GMAT or GRE test score.

Here is some guidance on our test waiver option:

  • Waivers will be granted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Waivers are evaluated on the basis of academic readiness for the Tepper MSM.
  • If you are granted a waiver by the Admission Committee, it does not signal admission to the Tepper MSM.
  • The admission decision will be based on a holistic review of the application.
  • Even if you are granted a waiver, the admissions committee may require or recommend additional academic preparation prior to the start of the program that will improve your academic outcomes.
  • Applying with a test waiver will not affect your eligibility for scholarship.

Upon submission of your application, the waiver request will be reviewed, and you will receive a response to the waiver request via email within 10 business days of the application deadline.

Candidates are required to demonstrate a level of competence in English to meet the admissions requirements of the university. You are required to take a TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo exam unless:

  • You attended an undergraduate institution, earning a bachelor’s degree, where the sole language of instruction was English.
  • You earned a graduate degree where the sole language of instruction was English. (Although not required, we do recommend that you take the English Language Proficiency exam.)

You must request that the official score be sent from the testing agency to our program for us to verify the score entered into the application. Request that the official score be sent to us using the following codes:

TOEFL Program Code: Institutional Code = 2074; Organization: Carnegie Mellon University, Graduate Business Organization
  • Pro Tip:The recommended TOEFL score is 25 on each section of the Internet-based test. Reading: 25, Listening: 25, Speaking: 25, Writing: 25
IELTS Program Code: Select Carnegie Mellon and the Tepper School of Business 
  • Pro Tip: The recommended IELTS score is 7 overall and 7 in each band. Listening: 7, Reading: 7, Writing: 7, Speaking: 7, Overall Band: 7
Duolingo Program Code: Select Carnegie Mellon University – Tepper School of Business
  • The recommended Duolingo English Test (DET) score is 120 overall. 

Pro Tip: TOEFL and IELTS scores are valid for two years and must be valid at the time you submit your application.

Pro Tip: If you earned a degree from a non-U.S. institution, your academic documents should state that the sole language of instruction for the entire university was English in order to be eligible for a TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo waiver. If your academic documents don’t include this, you should upload an official letter from the University Registrar indicating English as the mode of instruction for the entirety of the degree.

There is one required essay (maximum 500 words) for all Tepper MSM applicants:

The Tepper community is dynamic and unique with students who strive to be collaborative, supportive and inclusive. Please provide an example of when you experienced or created an inclusive environment and how you will use that experience to help members of the community reach their full potential.

There also is an optional essay for additional information about your candidacy that you may wish to share with the admissions committee. Use this essay to convey important information that you may not have otherwise been able to convey. This may include unexplained resume gaps, context for recommender selection, etc. However, do not feel obligated to complete the optional essay.

We know this is an important component of your decision to attend business school. We take it seriously as well. Please describe your post-MSM career goals.

It would be helpful to consider the following information in your response:

  • You have up to 2 minutes to respond to this question.
  • Please be as specific as possible. If you have not yet identified specific companies, that is okay. Just tell us what interests you for your next role or company. What about the industry, company, or functional role is appealing to you?
  • If you have any criteria you are using to evaluate career opportunities, please share those as well. We may have great opportunities to add to your list.
  • How does this post-MSM career goal relate to your long-term career plan?

We require just one recommendation and ask you to select someone who can speak to your strengths in a professional setting and/or your leadership skill - ex: supervisor, professor, coach, mentor, etc. If you select a professor, make sure they've had you in class recently.

We use the GMAC Common Letter of Recommendation (LOR). The Common LOR is intended to save you and your recommender valuable time by providing a single set of recommendation questions for each participating school. This allows your recommender to use the same answers for multiple letter submissions, alleviating the workload of having to answer different questions for each school multiple times. You benefit because it makes the ask for several different letters to be written on your behalf much easier.

A $125 application fee is required of all applicants. This fee can be paid online using a credit card at the time of submission.

Once you have completed your online application, if you have any supporting documents, they should be uploaded directly to your application via your application status page in the application portal.

If you have submitted all the application components, it isn’t necessary to send anything else to us at this point. Upon admission, you’ll need to send your official transcripts/academic documents. These details will be included in the admission letter, so no need to worry about it now.

Following submission of your application, you may be invited to interview with a member of our MSM Admissions team. Our evaluative interviews are by invitation only and are required.

We begin to invite applicants to interview within one week of the application deadline. However, you may receive an invitation any time prior to the decision notification date.

How We Conduct Admissions Interviews

At the Tepper School, the Admissions team conducts behavioral interviews. The behavioral interview technique is used to review a candidate’s specific experiences and behaviors in an attempt to predict his or her potential for success at the Tepper School.

We are particularly interested in learning about candidates' skills and perspectives on teamwork, leadership, success, and failure. To prepare, we suggest that you:

  • Reflect on and clarify your short-term goals and your transition plan.
  • Think about specific questions related to how you might advance toward your future goals.
  • Identify specific examples when you have worked in a team, led a team, were challenged, succeeded, or learned something new.

Special Instructions

We welcome applicants from around the globe and encourage non-U.S. citizens to apply to the Tepper School MSM program.

Review our information for international applicants to learn more about certification of financial resources and visa regulations.