Carnegie Mellon University

MBA Careers in Finance

Tepper MBA graduates pursue careers in various facets of finance, including corporate finance and strategy, finance leadership development programs, investment banking, and investment research.

Tepper MBA alumni are well-represented in senior positions at investment banks and across many of the Fortune 500 corporate finance teams in multiple industries including technology, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Is a Finance Career Right for You?

Immediately upon your arrival at the Tepper School, you’ll meet with one of our career counselors to discuss your career aspirations. These in-depth conversations will help confirm which careers and industries align with your skills and interests. 

Finance Coursework, Curriculum, and Activities

Our finance coursework is designed to serve you for the lifetime of your career. Finance students choose from nearly 20 finance electives, in addition to the core curriculum. Learn more about the courses, concentrations, tracks, and capstones that make up the curriculum of a finance-focused MBA.    

Finance students can also choose from more than 40 professional and social clubs to enhance their career prospects, including the Graduate Finance Association, the Alpha Asset Management Club, and the Entrepreneurship, and Venture Capital Club.

Finance Career Resources

We recommend these resources for anyone considering a career in finance. 

  • Complete Guide to Corporate Finance
  • "Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies" by McKinsey & Company
  • "The Investment Banking Book" by Joshua Rosenbaum and Joshua Pearl