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Annual Giving

The Annual Fund provides the necessary resources to support the Tepper School's world-renowned business education.

The Tepper School Annual Fund is a key stream of support, providing Dean Isabelle Bajeux with the financial flexibility to allocate money to the areas of greatest need and the necessary resources to execute the school’s strategic plan.

The Tepper School is on the move — both physically and programmatically — and is continuing its tradition of revolutionizing business education by encouraging disruptive innovation and transformative collaboration across CMU’s campus. At this pivotal point in the school’s history, alumni support of the annual fund is more important than ever. Every gift makes a difference, no matter the size.

Designating Gifts

Donors can choose to designate their annual gifts to the annual fund, providing unrestricted support that is essential to the Tepper School’s operations, or to a specific area or program within the school, providing necessary resources to the academic, co-curricular and research-based activities that drive the Tepper School forward. Examples include the Accelerate Leadership Center, Don Jones Center for Entrepreneurship, Tepper School Fellowships or class reunion funds.

Accelerate Leadership Certification Partner

The Accelerate Leadership Center is a major Tepper School priority and an exciting funding opportunity. In its third year, the number of students served through the Center dramatically increased. With an outright gift of $10,000, donors are paired with a student completing the optional Leadership Development Certification Program. Donors receive a letter from the student, updates from the Center's executive director, and an invitation to the student's leadership journey capstone presentation.

W.L. Mellon Society Legacy Fellowships

Donors can support an MBA student via a W.L. Mellon Society (WLMS) Legacy Fellowship with a gift of $5,000 per year for two years. Legacy fellowships provide expendable financial aid funding. Donors receive information on the supported student, including the opportunity to meet the student if the donor desires. Legacy Fellowships provide critical support to students while also educating them on the importance of giving back once they become alumni.

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