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AI in Business Concentration

The AI in Business concentration provides avenues for MBA students to explore various topics in AI, from machine learning to the legal and ethical considerations of AI to use in business applications. AI is an area of significant interest and growth at CMU, and this course list is expected to be updated frequently, particularly as the Tepper School builds its foothold in business applications of AI.

An MBA concentration is a minimum of 18 units. Students must take at least three courses from the following list, including at least one course from the Tepper School. Note that the availability of space in non-Tepper courses may be very limited and is not guaranteed.


Tepper School Courses

45-848 Ethics & AI

45-900 Business Language Analytics

45-925 AI Applications in Business 

45-952 End-to-End Business Analytics

46-886 Machine Learning Fundamentals

46-887 Machine Learning for Business

Non-Tepper School Courses:

Please note: availability of space in non-Tepper courses may be very limited and is not guaranteed.

05-618 Human AI Interaction (CS, 12 units)

05-617 Design of Artificial Intelligence Products (CS, 12 units)

15-780 Graduate Artificial Intelligence (CS, 12 units)

94-879 Fundamentals of Operationalizing AI (HNZ, 6 units)

94-829 Advanced AI and Business Strategy (HNZ, 6 units)

95-891 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (HNZ, 12 units)       

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The Tepper School of Business is pleased to announce the launch of its new thought leadership website, Tepperspectives. In its inaugural issue, Tepperspectives explores the topic of AI in Business through cutting-edge research stories, faculty-authored opinion pieces, and interviews with thought leaders from the Tepper School community. 

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