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The Tepper School Experience

We will cultivate an environment that attracts, develops and retains an outstanding and diverse community of students, faculty and staff, and provide them with a rewarding experience and sense of purpose.

The Tepper School Experience is defined by our community of remarkable students, staff, faculty and alumni from around the world. Fundamentally, the Tepper School is a community of people with shared values and mutual respect for one another. We are a supportive community that provides an empowering experience and allows each individual to be successful in life and career endeavors.

Key to our success is a culture and workplace that (1) strives for excellence, (2) values diversity of ideas, opinions, and experiences, (3) invests in developing the skills, knowledge and leadership competencies of its people, (4) fosters a strong community where each individual is valued and contributes to the mission of the school, and (5) is supported by a strong and sustainable operational and financial model.

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Goal: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Tepper School values a diverse and inclusive community, not only because it is ethically and morally right, but because it enriches our experiences and leads to greater creativity and innovation in our decision making. Attracting an outstanding and diverse community of faculty, staff and students, and ensuring that all members of our community have a voice and sense of belonging, will empower them to strive for excellence.  

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Goal: Global Alumni Engagement

A tight-knit, worldwide community of successful alumni brings with it both opportunity and responsibility for personal and professional support. The “Alumni for Life” initiative, which provides intellectual resources, skill development, career planning and networking opportunities, will build a closer connection between the school and its alumni and give them the support they need throughout their careers.

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Goal: Leadership and Professional Development 

The deliberate small size of the Tepper School enables us to respond to the unique educational needs of each student and personalize their professional development plans to build career-advancing skills, knowledge and leadership competencies. Similarly, investing in professional development for our staff and faculty creates distinctive, high-performing talent that contributes to the success of the school.

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Goal: Sustainable Operating and Financial Model

The foundation of any successful organization is a strong operational and financial model. The Tepper School will implement best practices and business processes to efficiently and effectively support the needs of our community. We will also identify opportunities to build the financial resources of the school to allow our students, faculty and staff to support our educational and research missions.