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MSPM students

MS in Product Management Curriculum

Our interdisciplinary program trains students in the right mix of business, technology, design, and leadership skills that are sought-after in product positions in industry.

In addition to covering product management coursework [pdf] in much more depth than non-degree programs, we provide hands-on experience and mentorship. Throughout the process, our students prove their ability to solve real product problems with real teams.

Unlike pathways offered by other universities, our one-year interdisciplinary program is optimized to equip and produce high-performing product managers for success.

Curriculum for The Intelligent Future

The Master of Science in Product Management (MSPM) experience is so much more than the classroom curriculum. We build a foundation of learning offered by three top Carnegie Mellon institutions:

The design component is the secret ingredient often cited by alumni as the most valuable takeaway.

Professional, personal coaching, and leadership development through our Accelerate Leadership program and interaction with practicing professionals are integrated throughout the program. We immerse students in real-world internships, in-class projects, and finish with large-scale capstone projects.

Employers want to hire PMs with experience, and you’ll bring it.

MS in Product Management Curriculum

Core Learning, January-May

  • Business Fundamentals for High Tech PM (12 units, Tepper)
  • Digital Service Innovation (12 units, HCII) OR Service Design for Product Management (12 units) OR Design of Artificial Intelligence Products (12 units)
  • Principles of Product Management (6 units, Tepper)
  • Business Presentations for Product Managers (6 units, Tepper)
  • Managing People and Teams (6 units, Tepper)
  • Product Marketing (6 units, Tepper)
  • Data Science for Product Managers (6 units, HCII)
  • HCI for Product Managers (6 units, HCII)

Internship, May-August

  • Product Management Internship
  • Online Meetings Throughout Summer
  • Reflection Paper Due at End of Summer

Capstone, August-December

  • Capstone Project (12 units, HCII)
  • Digital Service Innovation (12 units, HCII) OR Service Design for Product Management (12 units)
  • Technical Depth Elective (12 units, SCS)
  • Principles of Product Management II (6 units)
  • One Tepper Elective (6 units, Tepper)
  • Tepper or SCS Elective - Optional (6 units)
Curriculum Map
MSPM Course Descriptions [pdf]

A Future Built On Experiential Learning

Our students learn by doing and this is why they become highly sought-after product managers who take initiative, manage stakeholders, embrace ambiguity, and think big.

All MSPM students gain real-world experience through capstone projects and internships that build upon the technical and leadership skills you learn in class. You’ll work with top companies on cutting-edge products, learn to handle diverse teams, and build industry connections that set you apart and prepare you for technology’s most competitive product management roles.


You’ll gain on-the-job experience with corporate employers as you work with product teams, build relationships with mentors, and apply the skills you learn in class. Many students receive full-time return offers from their internships.


Solve real product problems for top companies. As a consultant to businesses across health care, retail, software, and more, you’ll assess and identify solutions in a number of categories and explore new technology applications to help companies take their products to the next level.