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Advance the environment of intellectual inquiry that expands the frontiers of knowledge, encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, rewards innovation and makes a societal impact.

Our faculty strive to develop new ideas and create knowledge that advances business practice and benefits society. This knowledge is built upon a foundation of rigorous, scientific inquiry and an interdisciplinary approach. Transferring this knowledge into the classroom, and ultimately into business practice, gives our students a competitive advantage and maximizes the impact of our research. This dynamic research environment is what enables the Tepper school to attract and nurture the best and brightest researchers.

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Goal: Interdisciplinary Research Approach

A primary competitive advantage of the Tepper School and Carnegie Mellon is our longstanding culture of vigorous and sustained collaboration. We will continue to evolve and further leverage this special attribute by expanding interdisciplinary research initiatives within the business school and between the Tepper School and CMU’s other world-class colleges.

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Goal: Advance the Frontiers of Knowledge

The Tepper School’s research mission focuses on path-breaking knowledge discovery that advances the science and practice of management and benefits society. We will continue to build upon our intellectual tradition of impactful, award-winning research by nurturing and supporting rigorous scientific discovery on problems that matter.

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Goal: A High-Performing Doctoral Program

A robust, active and accomplished doctoral program is fundamental to the school’s research mission. Educating and training the next generation of academic researchers not only benefits faculty in conducting current research, but also ensures that knowledge discovery and innovation continue into the future. The intellectual leadership of the Tepper School is directly linked to the continued and ongoing strength of its Ph.D. program.

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Goal: Supportive Research Environment

The research reputation of the business school is among our most prized assets. It is imperative that the Tepper School support a strong research environment that promotes thought leadership, risk-taking and collaborative research breakthroughs on important problems facing business and society.