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Tepper Diversity Weekend

Diversity Weekend 2023 will be taking place November 3-4.

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We believe a diverse student population creates a richer, more valuable experience for all. That’s why we host our annual Diversity Weekend. 

The Tepper School's small, inclusive community is grounded in our commitment to provide an environment that supports, respects, and values students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. We aspire to create and maintain a community that is the best place to study, work, and teach, and where diversity drives innovation.

What happens during Diversity Weekend?

Tepper representatives will highlight the value of an MBA and the strengths of our program. We'll showcase the differences and advantages of our diverse community, program, and global alumni network. We also share tips on the MBA application process.

Who should attend Diversity Weekend?

We invite all prospective students to learn more about our student communities, including underrepresented minorities, women, LGBTQ, and military veterans.

Featured Student Communities

Tepper Women in Business Club


Women belong in business. A Tepper School MBA will help you accomplish your unique career goals while providing a personalized path that varies from woman to woman. From Tepper Women in Business to our partnership with the Forté Foundation, there are ample opportunities for Tepper School women to thrive.

Out and Allied Club

LGBTQ Community

We welcome your perspective as a self-identifying lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender student, and want to meet you as an ally. From Out & Allied to participation in the Reaching Out Conference, LGBTQ students will find a welcoming community that embraces their perspective.

Military and Veterans

Active Military & Veterans

The Tepper School is built on leadership, and as a military student, you will easily adapt to the challenge of business school. We look forward to the knowledge you will bring to the student experience. The Tepper Veterans Club, our participation in Yellow Ribbon and partnership with Military MBA provides valuable resources to ensure you have the support you need.

The Black Business Association

U.S. Underrepresented Minorities

As an underrepresented minority student, you bring unique and powerful perspective; in turn, we strive to support you along the way. From the Black Business Association and Latin American Business Club to our partnership with The Consortium, underrepresented students are well-prepared for succeeding in MBA studies and post-MBA careers.