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Leadership as a Daily Challenge: An Integrated Approach

Understand what it takes to be an inspired and effective leader to successfully lead teams in a dynamic world.

Oct. 3-7, 2022 | Pittsburgh, Pa. | 4 TEUs | $6,700

Today’s business climate is marked by shifting global trends, increased pressure from new and different competitors, and the need to respond and adapt to change. More than ever, organizations need inspired and effective leaders in order to produce a sustainable competitive advantage. With its comprehensive, integrated design, the program strengthens the abilities and confidence of managers and executives to successfully lead their teams in a dynamic world. A unique strength of the program is the integrated approach tying the learning from different fields to actual personal leadership challenges. Focusing on experiential application, participants are provided with the knowledge and tools to effectively address the challenges they face every day, enabling them to develop a greater understanding of their own leadership style and create holistic strategies to be successful in different situations.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn to create star performers, including maximizing the role of leadership and followership.
  • Develop effective change management tools for complex organizational environments.
  • Master informal organizational networks in order to effectively manage beyond hierarchy.
  • Build negotiation strategies and managing conflict in diverse teams.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for executives and mid- to upper-level managers. Recommended participants include those who:

  • Supervise departments or diverse teams
  • Lead complex projects or organizational change
  • Manage relationships between different functions and stakeholders
  • Are accountable for delivering results in global business
  • Hold or aspire to a key role in their operation
  • Develop talent within their organization

Program Topics

Creating Star Performers

How to maximize the roles of leadership and followership to identify and develop star performers on their teams.

Change Management

Understanding the assumptions, models, and implications associated with change in order to become more adept at developing effective change management practices for complex organizational environments.

Informational Organizational Networks

Building awareness of the power and dynamics at play in informal networks and developing the skills to exert influence beyond the traditional hierarchy.

Conflict Management

How to achieve positive results in difficult situations by managing conflicts, negotiating disputes, and dealing with perceptual gaps as the root causes of recurring conflicts in diverse teams.

Earn the Carnegie Mellon Certificate in Executive Leadership

Participate in three executive education open enrollment programs in five years to earn Carnegie Mellon’s highest certificate designation for executive education.


"What made this valuable for me is understanding the different aspects of leadership and how it applies to change and networks."

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