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Volunteer for your Reunion

Reunion is our biggest event of the year and volunteer committees are essential to the success of Reunion Weekend. The primary goal of your class planning committee is to engage the highest number of alumni possible in a given class. The primary goal of the reunion gift committee is to lead your class reunion fundraising campaigns. View the class planning volunteer overview [pdf] or the reunion gift volunteer overview [pdf] to better understand the roles and goals.

For more information on joining your class planning committee, please contact John Sengenberger or Jessie Lehosky in the Alumni Relations Office. To learn more about becoming a reunion gift volunteer, please contact Emma Strong. There are plenty of ways we can apply your talents to make your reunion the best ever!

Volunteer Committees for Reunion 2020

Class of 1970

William DeLone

Class of 1975

Mac Chiulli*
Marc Onetto*

Class of 1980

John Levinson*
Alan Mazursky
John O'Neill
Cindy Padnos*
James Pinsky

Class of 1985

Robert DeAngelis*
Tal Heppenstall*

Class of 1990

Jon Coble
Caroline Loewy
Dave Mawhinney
Jeffrey Meckler*

Class of 1995

Wilson Chua
Shrinivas Dempo*
Satoshi Hirose
Suzanne Lisanti
Hank Rettger
Watavat Sukhyanga*

Class of 2000

Ari Lightman*
Neel Majumdar
Christopher Stengel
Eric Strafel*
Eduardo Tobon
Martha Vander Velde

Class of 2005

Shikha Bhargava*
Ozgur Dogan
Jay Lasus
Amanda Weirup

Class of 2010

Jeffrey Barberio
Viji Doraiswamy
Arvind Jain
Micah Keith
Alissa Marushak
Mark Prince
Brittany Rhodes
Stephanie Rideau
Matt Weissberg

Class of 2015

Abhishek Goel 
Rafael Munoz*

Class of 2019

Check back soon!

*Denotes additional role as Reunion Giving Committee member